15 Best Cole Swindell Songs


Arden Lambert


May 15, 2021


May 15, 2021


May 15, 2021

Cole Swindell songs never fail to connect and relate to people – from fun and chill music to bittersweet songs about losing people you love and pain. That is why it is not surprising that this Georgia native is slowly carving his name in the country music scene. 

Along the road, he penned songs along the way for different artists, including Luke Bryan’s Roller Coaster. Luke Bryan and Cole Swindell were both alumni of Georgia Southern University. Cole Swindell started selling merchandise on tour with Luke until he opened tours for the country star. And now, he is one of these big country music singers performing for his own solo concerts.

So we listed here 15 of the best Cole Swindell songs from his debut to his newest releases. Hop into the list and get to know more about his music and his journey. 

1. Chillin’ It

Chillin’ It swept the country music scene when it was released in 2013. Not only was it a really good song to just have fun, it perfectly introduced Cole as a country music singer. It was also launched without the backing of any label. The success of the song led Cole Swindell to sign a record deal with Warner Bros. Rec ords!

2. Ain’t Worth the Whiskey

This song was co-penned by Cole Swindell in 2011 with Josh Martin and Adam Sanders and was inspired by Cole’s personal breakup. And instead of quitting drinking because of a girl, Ain’t Worth the Whiskey celebrates the breakup because she ain’t worth it. 

3. Hope You Get Lonely Tonight

This is definitely one of Cole Swindell’s top songs praised by many critics for its lyricism and storytelling laid on a unique take of typical country tropes. Hope You Get Lonely Tonight earned him his 2nd number one. 

4. Let Me See Ya Girl

Cole co-wrote this song for his fourth and final single from his self-titled album. The concept of guy meets girl is not uncommon in country music, but Cole managed to take it on a sharp yet refreshing take earning him success in the charts. 

5. You Should Be Here

You Should Be Here was a touching tribute to his father, who died in 2013 due to an accident. He wrote the song with hit songwriter Ashley Gorley, and this is definitely one of his songs that really evoke that strong emotion of loss. 

6. Middle of a Memory

Middle of a Memory highlighted the maturity of Cole’s songwriting with his vivid storyline. This was based on a girl leaving before a man could express his interest, which according to a critic, is a story that most people have lived. 

7. Flatliner with Dierks Bentley

Flatliner is a straightforward country song about a hot girl dancing in the club and stopping the hearts of all men watching her. This song featured Dierks Bentley’s vocals and was the buzzing, sizzling single of 2017. 

8. All of It

This was the title track of Cole’s third album, but interestingly, this was a last-minute addition like the last ingredient to a meal that just blends all the flavors well. The slow burn song told the story of a man wanting his girl to bare everything to him – the good, the bad – all of it. He would accept and love her no matter what. 

9. Break Up In The End

Inspired by a book title that already gave out the ending, Break Up In The End was a story of bittersweet love filled with so much pain. The song was personal to Cole, having lived through every line of it and sharing its emotions. It was undeniably one of the country breakup songs that deserves a listen. 

10. Dad’s Old Number

Dialing the old ten-digit phone number, letting it ring, and hanging up became a routine for Cole after his father’s death. Dad’s Old Number was his second tribute song to his father penned by Chase McGill and Jesse Alexander. 

11. Her

Her is not one of his popular songs in his catalogue, but it remains to be a favorite on every Cole Swindell list. This song was about a man who was head-over-heels for a girl and would do everything just to keep her. With Cole’s vocals, this song definitely made every girl feel special. 

12. Reason To Drink

Drinking is an age-old concept in the country music territory and even in other genres. And it’s hard to take on a very common concept and make it sound new. With Reason To Drink, Cole didn’t try to make it sound less cliche. Instead, he just dived straight into the fun.

13. Somebody’s Been Drinkin’

Another drunken single but instead of the let’s-get-wasted type of song, ‘Somebody’s Been Drinkin’ is an emotional ballad that showcased his distinct pipes that truly set him apart from other country music singers. 

14. Love You Too Late

This song was one of the very special songs for Cole as he wrote this alongside his best pals Brandon Kinney and Michael Carter. Love You Too Late is about a man who missed his chance to express his love to a girl. And now he’s pouring whiskey over and over again, wishing he could go back in time, but he couldn’t.

15. Single Saturday Night

This song was one of Cole Swindell’s new songs, which definitely take you back to his chill and fun debut song, Chillin’ It. Single Saturday Night was a crossover of pop and country talking about a man’s last night out as a single man. The song was meant to be introduced during a tour, but he ended up releasing it during the pandemic, hoping to boost up the mood and energy of anyone who would listen to it. 

Go ahead and jam to the 15 best Cole Swindell songs and have the time of your life and a roller coaster of emotions as well. 


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