Cole Swindell's "Love You Too Late"


Arden Lambert


May 15, 2021


May 15, 2021


May 15, 2021

Cole Swindell’s Love You Too Late is about a missed chance of saying ‘I love you.’ Sadly, you can’t take back what you never said. So, if you’re listening to this song, don’t wait any longer. Or you’ll end up just like the man in the song, drinking whiskey and pouring again and again in a heartbreak that’s worse than a breakup

The feel-good song with a melancholic story was the second single from his third studio album, All of It. Cole Swindell penned the song alongside his best friends and favorite songwriters Brandon Kinney and Michael Carter, who also produced the song. 

In an interview, Cole said that he knew exactly how it felt to wish you could go back in time. And that was the reason why he wrote songs because he had been there, and that was why he could sing Love You Too Late. And that translated not only into a song that critics praised but also a song that his fans and audience loved. 

Cole Swindell songs have always been relatable, which makes it even feel more closer to everyone who listens to these songs. This song earned him his 9th number 1 as a solo artist and also his 11th number 1 as a songwriter in Billboard Country Airplay chart. According to Cole, this number one was a special one as he celebrated it with the two people whom he had been writing songs with years before. 

You can watch the music video of Cole Swindell’s Love You Too Late in the video below. This was directed by Sam Siske, featuring actress and stuntwoman Kachina Dechert as Cole’s love interest. 


Cole Swindell



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