August 22

A Sweet Gospel Song “Somebody’s Praying for Me” by Don Moen

Being in someone’s prayer is one best proof that we are important to them. We are praying for someone for some reasons like we want them to be safe, attain a peaceful life, and be closer to God. Some other way to show that we are truly into someone is when we join them in our prayers.

“Somebody’s Praying for Me”

It is a gospel song recorded by Don Moen. It was released from his 2012 album Don Moen. Upon the release of the song, many religious groups recorded the song and the song was usually sung in churches or other Sunday services.

Somebody's Praying for You, Don Moen
Via Don Moen Facebook Page

“Somebody’s Praying for Me” has this great harmonious sound that gives comfort. Hearing a song that uplifts our moods must be treasured. One best factor that highlights a great song is the words put into it.

I’ve been spared by so many prayers 
How many times I could not say 
What a difference a prayer can make 
When it’s offered up in faith

When you are feeling down and have no one to talk to, the Lord is looking after you. He only waits for His name to be called. The Lord does not want His children to suffer pain. The happiness we feel after the pain is proof that the Lord does not leave us behind. Remember that after being in the dark, the Lord gives us light to survive.

Somebody's Praying for You, Don Moen
Via by Screengrab

The moral lesson of this song is that prayer changes everything. It will turn the pain into happiness and worries into salvation. We must always offer ourselves up to the Lord for He knows what is best for us. He will always be our great redeemer and savior. Pray and be glad for we are in the kingdom of the Lord.

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