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“A Wonderful Time Up There:” Pat Boone’s Cover of Gospel Boogie

“A Wonderful Time Up There” comforts us with a song that not only reminds us that God is coming, but what will happen to us in heaven. This gospel song will definitely make you want to stand up and praise God.

Pat Boone A Wonderful Time Up There
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The Making of “A Wonderful Time Up There”

In 1947, Lee Roy Abernathy wrote the song “A Wonderful Time Up There” for his group, Homeland Harmony Quartet. However, some churches didn’t allow Abernathy’s group to perform the song because of its melody. “A Wonderful Time Up There” is commonly known as Boogie gospel. Its jazz melody makes the song more interesting and catchy. Nobody can resist the beat of this song.

Pat Boone’s Cover

The song was recorded a long time ago, but it was Pat Boone who made the song popular. His 1958 version of the song became one of the tracks from his album Pat Boone Sings. When he released it as a single, it reached number four on the Billboard chart. Therefore, making this the highest charting version of “A Wonderful Time Up There.” Furthermore, Boone’s version entered the UK chart and placed at number two.

The Message of the Song

This gospel song first comforts us with the fact that when we are all in heaven, we are going to be celebrating. It also emphasized that when we all are in heaven, we’re gonna have one religion. Isn’t that great? We don’t have to fight with one another about which religion is right because there will only be one.

Well, now, everybody’s gonna have religion and glory
Everybody’s gonna be a-singin’ that story
Everybody’s gonna have a wonderful time up there
Oh, glory hallelujah

As the song continues on, the narrator tells us about the coming of Christ and the Book of Revelations. He suggests that we read the book in order to know what will happen we Jesus is here.

Now ya get your Holy Bible in the back of the book
The book of Revelations is the place ya look
If you understand it and you can if you try
The Lord is a-comin’ from his throne on high

Now get yourself a Bible and read it to know what will happen. There is still time to repent before the coming of Christ.

Other Versions

Johnny Cash covered the song in 1979 for his album A Believer Sings the Truth. Other artists who released their rendition of Gospel Boogie were Bill and Gloria Gaither, Randy Wood, and many more.


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