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Here Are Miranda Lambert Songs That Have Been Dominating The Genre For Years

It’s pretty amazing how Miranda Lambert songs would easily capture fans’ attention and would quickly dominate the country radio – whether it’s about a painful breakup or an emotional recollection of her childhood days.

Lambert has indeed built a career that is easily ranked among the best in the industry ever since she competed on the reality show Nashville Star in 2003. She may not have taken home the top prize, but she has become the most famous singer to come out of the show. 

Now a three-time Grammy award winner and one of the best-selling acts in the genre, the East Texas native is not showing any signs of slowing down. With that said, let’s take a look at Miranda Lambert‘s greatest hits so far.

1. “The House That Built Me”

From: Revolution (2009)

Not only did this sentimental ballad become Lambert’s first-ever No. 1 hit on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, but it’s her fastest-rising single to date. “The House That Built Me” finds Lambert coming home to the house that she used to grow up in – the very place where she learned to play her guitar.

2. “Me and Charlie Talking”

From: Kerosene (2004)

For most of us, this was our introduction to Lambert, and it was a good one. It was released as Lambert’s debut single, and it immediately put her on the map of the country music scene as it reached No. 27 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

3. “Kerosene”

From: Kerosene (2004)

After her sweet debut single, Lambert came out as the fiery blonde from East Texas who was clearly not going to put up with any nonsense. In addition to being her first Gold single, “Kerosene,” a fierce song of hell hath no fury like a woman scorned helped Lambert earn her first Grammy nomination for Best Female Country Vocal Performance.

4. “Famous In a Small Town”

From: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2007)

Written by Lambert and Travis Howard, “Famous In a Small Town” is the ultimate tribute to the comfort and simplicity of small-town life, where everybody knows each other, and nobody needs to put up their face in a magazine to be popular.

5. “Dead Flowers”

From: Revolution (2009)

At some point in our lives, we’ve been trapped in a love gone bad – and this is what this country ballad is all about, which Lambert wrote herself. “Dead Flowers” tells the tale of a woman who was saddened by the images of dead flowers and burned-out Christmas lights, which pretty much symbolize her current relationship.

6. “Vice”

From: The Weight of These Wings (2016)

The song was Lambert’s first release since her very public divorce from fellow country singer Blake Shelton. It finds Lambert mulling over the different ways to move on from a breakup through various kinds of vices. 

7. “Mama’s Broken Heart”

From: Four The Record (2011)

Everyone deals with heartbreak in different ways, and Lambert goes full crazy in this fiery breakup song, “Mama’s Broken Heart,” that she even ignores her mother’s advice to keep up appearances.

8. “Little Red Wagon”

From: Platinum (2014)

“Little Red Wagon” perfectly captured Lambert’s sassy attitude trademark that it quickly earned the status as one of her signature songs in addition to reaching No. 5 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

9. “Bluebird”

From: Wildcard (2019)

Though the song’s climb to the country chart was slow upon its release in 2019, it picked up steam a few months later until it reached No. 1 on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart. “Bluebird” has truly been a great source of happiness and hope in these times when people are terrified, uncertain, and have no idea what the future has in store.

10. “Over You”

From: Four the Record (2011)

Lambert and then-husband Blake Shelton joined forces for this heart-tugging ballad which was inspired by Shelton’s memories of a car crash that killed his brother.

11. “Baggage Claim”

From: Four the Record (2011)

Lambert was at her fiery best as she kissed off her then-lover. The feisty songstress noted that it’s the grooviest song she has ever recorded. “It makes you want revenge and want to dance all at the same time,” she said.

12. “Tin Man”

From: The Weight of These Wings (2016)

Perhaps the most heartbreaking and beautiful among Lambert’s catalog, “Tin Man” conveys the empty feeling one goes through after a challenging, disheartening period. Lambert co-wrote the song around the time her divorce from Shelton was announced.

13. “Heart Like Mine”

From: Revolution (2009)

Lambert revealed that “Heart Like Mine” is a look into her world and how she was judged a lot growing up. She co-wrote the song as a reminder to embrace who you are and that somebody would love you unconditionally. 

14. “Somethin’ Bad” 

From: Platinum (2014)

Lambert enlisted fellow superstar Carrie Underwood for her rebellious hit, “Somethin’ Bad” – and both proved they are a force to be reckoned with in a genre that’s heavily dominated by men.

15. “All Kinds of Kinds”

From: Four the Record (2011)

Lambert celebrates the diversity of humanity and compassion in this heartwarming ballad about how “all kinds of kinds” keep the world spinning.

You Should Check These Best-Selling Miranda Lambert Songs Too

From her powerful performances and relatable lyrics, we can’t help but fall even more deeply in love with Miranda Lambert’s music catalog. Here are some more of her hits that you should know.

  • “Bluebird”
  • “Automatic”
  • “Settling Down”
  • “Fastest Girl in Town”
  • “Only Prettier”
  • “It All Comes Out in the Wash”
  • “Track Record”
  • “We Should Be Friends”
  • “Smokin’ and Drinkin'” 
  • “Gunpowder and Lead”

Indeed, Miranda Lambert songs are among the most persuasive hits in the genre.


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