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10 Miranda Lambert Songs That Prove Why She Is Today’s Reigning Country Queen


Over the past decade, Miranda Lambert songs have set a standard in country music – and it’s quite unlikely to be matched anytime soon.

Meanwhile, as a singer and songwriter, Lambert has certainly grown into one of the most significant women in country music. She has inspired the next generation with smashing hits about love, misery, and cheating – which are the genre’s three staples. 

Let’s take a look at ten of her best songs!

1. “The House That Built Me”

From: Revolution (2009)

Miranda Lambert discovered this Grammy-Award winning song while listening to the tracks her then-husband, Blake Shelton, was considering for his forthcoming album.

“The House That Built Me” tells the tale of an emotionally distressed woman who is hoping to find the person she used to be by returning to her childhood home filled with all of her memories growing up. The country ballad struck a chord to Lambert that she cried for two hours the first time she heard it. It may not have been originally meant for her to sing it, but the lyrics were all familiar to her.

The heart-tugging song earned three nominations during the 2010 CMA Awards: Song of the Year, Single of the Year, and Music Video of the Year.

2. “Over You”

From: Four the Record (2011)

It’s quite hard to get through this country ballad with dry eyes, even the first time you’ll listen to it – so consider yourself warned!

Lambert and then-husband Shelton joined forces, combining their great talents for this poignant song which was inspired by Shelton’s recollections of the car accident that led to his brother’s death. He was only 14 then.

According to Lambert, Shelton admitted that he couldn’t record “Over You” for himself nor perform it on stage. So, Lambert decided to record it with him, and it became worthy of the CMA Award for Song of the Year.

3. “White Liar”

From: Revolution (2009)

This catchy ballad of double betrayal became Lambert’s second Top 10 hit – peaking at No. 2 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

Written by Lambert and Natalie Hemby, “White Liar” tells the tale of a woman confronting her boyfriend after she caught him cheating “with a redhead named Bernice.” But in an unexpected turn of events, she dropped a bombshell when she revealed that she’s been lying too.

While the song is entertaining enough, it’s accompanied by a music video that features Jamey Johnson as both the preacher and the secret lover – making “White Liar” one of the songs we will not easily forget for years to come.

4. “Vice”

From: The Weight of These Wings (2016)

Lambert’s “Vice” was her first song since her divorce from Shelton, and it has certainly thumbed through some sort of confession on her own high-profile breakup – whether it was her intention that way or not.

Co-written by Lambert, “Vice” defies that perception of dignified behavior – as apparently specified by men – for a woman rising from the wreckage of a relationship. According to Lambert, the song gives her the opportunity to just be honest and own her imperfections. After all, everybody has a vice they run to whenever they need comfort.

5. “Gunpowder and Lead”

From: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2007) 

In 2010, “Gunpowder & Lead” was certified platinum and has since grown into double platinum.

Like Dixie Chicks’ “Goodbye Earl” and Martina McBride’s “Independence Day,” this song tells the tale of a wife who is planning to shoot her abusive husband as soon as he is out of jail. Lambert said the song’s storyline was inspired by the memories she had with her parents, who would open their home to abuse victims.

Though the song was received positively – peaking at No. 7 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs – it was edited for the radio to omit sound effects that can be heard on the album version, such as the gunshot’s sound at the end.

6. “Tin Man”

From: The Weight of These Wings (2016)

Lambert finds herself singing to the Tin Man – the mythical character in the classic 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. 

Tin Man, a character who represents “cold and empty and loneliness and heartless,” wished to have a heart so he could feel emotions. And Lambert talked him out of it, assuring him that he’s even lucky for not having something that’s bound to fall apart.

Lambert penned the song during her divorce from Shelton, and she admitted it wasn’t an easy one to write.

7. “Heart Like Mine”

From: Revolution (2009)

Lambert earned her second No. 1 hit on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart with “Heart Like Mine.” The up-tempo country ballad tells the tale of a woman who is a little rough around the edges. Though she was often criticized by the Christian folks, she ignores them because she knows Jesus would understand a heart like hers.

The country singer knows that some people might get mad about the lyrics, but she admits the song is somewhat autobiographical – saying she had her share of being judged while growing up in church and being a Christian her whole life.

8. “Bluebird”

From: ‘Wildcard’ (2019)

Lambert co-wrote “Bluebird” three days after she secretly married Brendan McLoughlin – which she described as a special and hopeful song, helping her take a positive attitude towards life’s challenging times.

Lambert sang the song during the recent 63rd Grammy Awards, where it was nominated for Best Country Song and Best Country Solo Performance.

9. “Mama’s Broken Heart”

From: Four the Record (2011)

Lambert finds herself losing control after a breakup and ignoring her mother’s advice on how to deal with such a situation in “Mama’s Broken Heart.” The country singer revealed that she relates to the song’s character, especially during her crazy teenage days wherein one might think the world is ending if you break up.

10. “Kerosene”

From: Kerosene (2005)

Lambert earned her first-ever Grammy nomination for Best Female Country Vocal Performance – thanks to “Kerosene.” The song tells the tale of a woman who caught his boyfriend cheating. She eased her pain by making her revenge wherein she soaked her boyfriend’s house with kerosene and burned it down.

With these Miranda Lambert songs, it’s safe to say that the country superstar has indeed proven herself as an innovator and creator.


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