March 30

Miranda Lambert’s “Little Red Wagon” Shows The Country Star’s Swagger Side


Miranda Lambert’s “Little Red Wagon” has been performed by the country superstar several times at big awards shows, including the Grammy Awards and the ACM Awards. And every time she does, fans would be on their feet, eagerly to sing along. 

But the same fans are wondering: What does the song actually mean? Is it about a person? Or just some kind of metaphor?

Released in 2015 as the third single from Miranda Lambert‘s fifth studio album, Platinum, “Little Red Wagon” was originally recorded by Audra Mae in 2012 for her album Audra Mae and the Almighty Sound.

Lambert said she first heard of it when American rock singer John Eddie – whom she had been touring at the time – suggested that she listen to Audra Mae’s songs, especially “Little Red Wagon” as he thinks “she could rock it.” Indeed, Lambert immediately fell in love with the song the first time she heard it. She wanted to record it, so she asked Mae for approval to do so – to which the singer-songwriter happily agreed. 

Since then, country fans have been countlessly debating about the “little red wagon” in the song that Lambert has to clear things up. According to the country superstar, the sassy song is “just about a state of mind” and “it’s up for whatever interpretation you have as a person.” 

Well, all through her career, Miranda Lambert’s songs have shown how much swagger, boldness, and a plethora of talent she got. And she definitely knows how to throw a shade with her songs!

Fresh from her divorce with then-husband, Blake Shelton, Lambert started replacing the line in the song that goes “I live in Oklahoma” with “I got the hell out of Oklahoma.” Lambert and Shelton lived most of their four years of marriage in Tishomingo, Oklahoma.

You can listen to Miranda Lambert’s “Little Red Wagon.”


Miranda Lambert

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