June 11

On Motherhood: Kelly Clarkson Said that She Never Felt More Empowered

Singing sensation Kelly Clarkson admittedly said in public that motherhood completely changed her life around. Before being able to have her own biological kids with her husband, Brandon Blackstock, she has embraced her role as a step-mom. Blackstock has previously had two kids with his previous relationship. Few years in their marriage, Blackstock and Clarkson welcomed two new members in their family; daughter River and son Remington.

Miss Confident

Kelly Clarkson is known to be Miss Confident due to the way she opens up to the press and her big personality. Now that motherhood is just around the block for Clarkson, the singing sensation said that it has been an empowering experience for her.

From being a waitress and telemarketer from Burleson, Texas, to becoming one of the most well-known figures in the music industry, and now to becoming a mother, the inaugural American Idol Winner in 2002 has fully embarked with her new journey and career. 

With over a hundred of records peaking at the top of the charts, collecting 71 trophies and a New York Times Best Seller children’s book “River Rose and the Magical Lullaby,” and three Grammy awards, you would have thought Clarkson could have already settled with all these. Well, that could be the case a decade ago. Now, all those rewards could just be disregarded for Clarkson because she wishes to just be remembered as a successful mother and wife.

What Motherhood Taught Kelly Clarkson

Giving birth to a daughter and a son, Clarkson said that she has reached a certain level of peace. Motherhood has given Clarkson a confidence boost that we all thought she already possess. Clarkson, herself, said that she never felt more empowered.

But with Clarkson’s high profile life, it brings no surprise that Clarkson’s personal life is under heavy scrutiny. The way she raises up her kids was no exemption to the keen eyes of the public. She was never shy about sharing her family dynamics even to the extent of ruffling some feathers. Clarkson’s way of raising her kids was once the talk of the town when she admitted that her way of disciplining her kids included spanking. During one of her interviews, Clarkson admitted that she spanks her daughter. She added that she does this in a very mild manner and with proper explanations afterwards.

People reacted differently to Clarkson’s parenting style. Some approved how Clarkson has been handling her kids, but others saw it as harsh. But for Clarkson, she knew that she would not be able to please everyone so she just sticks with what she believed is right. 

A Woman of Many Hats

Like many working moms, Clarkson juggles her gig in The Voice, movie contracts, music promotion, and of course, “The Kelly Clarkson Show” that was again full of charm, thanks to her natural ability to start frank celebrity talks like talking about breastfeeding with new mom Kate Upton. But this brought some concerns to Clarkson, especially with motherhood in full swing. Her busy career would take so much time away from her family. 

Still, Clarkson is definitely on the right track in her goal to become a successful mother and wife. Now, she is taking the knowledge that she got and shared it to all aspiring moms out there. She emphasized during a recent interview what she taught her kids about life as not always smooth sailing. When rough waves come, she wants her kids to know how to find their way through and not settle in just giving up. 

But Clarkson has never gotten enough nuisance at home with all the kids that she has taken care of through the years. To the singer, it’s all worth it for she knows that she is raising good people. Clarkson said that the most empowering thing is to worry about the petty and trivial things.


Brandon Blackstock, Kelly Clarkson

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