January 6

Head Over Heels in Trace Adkins’ “Ladies Love Country Boys”

Trace Adkins’s album Dangerous Man featured the single “Ladies Love Country Boys” written by Rivers Rutherford, George Teen, and Jamey Johnson. The song was released in 2006 and peaked at the #1 spot on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. 

The Recording Industry Association of America gave a platinum certification to Adkins’s track as it sold over a million copies in the US. The song became instantly famous upon release and still is winning the hearts of listeners up to this day.

About the Song

Clad in all black, Trace Adkins walks into the city as many ladies are chasing him as he sings to “Ladies Love Country Boys.” Each one drops what they are doing and follows Adkins; one broke an expensive vase, another threw her phone, two female teens stopped reading, and one even snuck behind to avoid her ticket (please don’t).

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The song ultimately talks about how ladies swoon over country boys with their drawl, outfit, and overall aura. The woman in the music is seen as a young, beautiful woman who is a great achiever at her age. 

Her parents sent her to an exemplary higher education institution. They teach her all the essential things she needs in life, but she ultimately realizes that she’s fallen for the charms of a country boy.

Complete with Adkins’s vocal quality, electric guitar, drums, and piano, “Ladies Love Country Boys” is among Trace Adkins’ songs that combine the feel of country music with all other instruments, resulting in an enjoyable, relatable, and chart-topping piece.

Because of “Ladies Love Country Boys” by Trace Adkins, fans worldwide have agreed with the song’s message, saying that countrymen and women are attractive because of their charm, aura, attire, and personality.

Check out and listen to Trace Adkins’s hit song below.


Trace Adkins

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