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Here Are 8 Interesting Facts About Trace Adkins That You Want To Know

American actor and country music singer Tracy Darrell Adkins, famously known as Trace Adkins, has been a big name in the country music industry ever since his debut album Dreamin’ Out Loud in 1966 was released. He made more hit songs, released the best albums, and charted almost 20 singles on the US Billboard country music charts. Not only did Adkins win the hearts of many fans through his music, but he also bagged awards in different award shows. Among many of Trace Adkins’ songs, “Hillibilly Bone,” “I Got My Game On,” and “You’re Gonna Miss This” were some of his hits that took home the bacon.

But putting aside those gold, platinum, and double album certifications, let’s get to know more about Trace Adkins, his musical and acting career, and some interesting facts about him.

1. His nose was partially torn off in a car accident.

Trace Adkins was involved in a car accident when he was only 17 years old. Due to the severity of Adkins’s impact (he collided with the bus head-on), he suffered broken ribs, punctured lungs, and a partially torn-off nose. 

2. He gave up playing football in college because of an injury.

While at Louisiana Tech University, Adkins injured his knee and never played a game for the team. He dropped out of school and decided to work on an oil rig, eventually marrying Barbara Lewis, his high school sweetheart. 

3. His second ex-wife shot him.

Years after moving to Nashville, Adkins was shot by his second wife, Julie Curtis. Adkins was trying to disarm her after she pointed a gun at him. The couple broke out in a fight about Adkins’s drinking problems.

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Adkins had to undergo an emergency open-heart surgery after the bullet went straight through his heart and punctured both lungs.

4. He and his coworkers were stranded in an offshore oil rig, and many more.

While working in some oil rigs, Adkins’s resilience was even tested.

He almost, at one point, lost both legs in a bulldozer accident in 1992. His left leg was crushed after an oil tank exploded. He also almost cut off his pinky finger when opening a bucket with a knife. In 1989 when hurricane Chantal was brewing, Adkins and his nine other coworkers were stranded in the Gulf of Mexico.

5. He struggled with alcoholism.

Trace Adkins chose to be brave and shared his story about his alcoholism and his recovery.

In an interview, he encouraged others who struggle with addiction to seek professional help. He said that you might feel lonely at first, but you will eventually find out that others are in need, struggling, and feeling the same thing as you think.

He also hoped his recovery story would inspire and help someone overcome the struggle.

6. He’s afraid of snakes.

Big boys (literally) like Trace Adkins, who stands at a whopping 6’6”, can also have fears.

The country music artist admitted having a fear of snakes. Adkins said there were many dangerous snakes in Louisiana, where he grew up. Over time, he developed a certain amount of respect for snakes and, ultimately, a fear of them.

7. He is undeniably tall.

The country music star is, no doubt, a tall and handsome one. His height reaches 6’6”. Therefore you will have to crane your neck upward whenever you get the chance to see him. Most of his fans note his size whenever he gets to meet them.

8. He is an author

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Trace Adkins has published two books so far in his career. His first book, Then They Do, was released in 2003, while his second, A Personal Stand: Observations and Opinions from a Freethinking Roughneck, was published four years after his first.

And those were some of the most exciting facts about Trace Adkins! Keep yourself up to date with the famous country music artist by checking out his social media accounts too.


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