July 3

The Call of Duties’ Sacrifice on Kane Brown’s “Homesick”

Well, we know the feeling of being away from someone for a long time, and this is perfectly illustrated by Kane Brown’s “Homesick”. Written by Brown, together with rock Berryhill, Matt McGinn, and Taylor Phillips, it was released as the third single to his second studio album, Experiment. 

The singer wrote this pop-country song after being on tour for a long time, away from his wife. The romantic character of this track is manifested in the chorus when Kane Brown says that it appears ‘half of him is missing’. 

However, the song suddenly became a homage to soldiers, veterans, and military families. He considered the listeners who might empathize with the song from other viewpoints, the military quickly crossed his mind. Those fellows are overseas for six to 12 months before they get to return and see their loved ones, according to the singer. 

The soldiers, who are away, endure intensely, and he wanted to commemorate them. There are not many patriotic country songs these days honoring the military, unlike before. He thought this would make an impression on them, with the music video showing real footage of soldiers returning from deployment. 

Now, with a new version of “Homesick,” Brown is featuring veterans and in-service military members. This song is among Kane Brown’s songs that truly deserved the spotlight. 

“Homesick” premiered at number 24 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs but eventually hit the #3 spot on the chart. The song also reached the top spot on the US Country Airplay chart and #2 on Billboard Canada. Last 2020, the song garnered Double-Platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) based on the collated streaming and sales units of more than two million units. 

Let’s take a snappy salute and watch Kane Brown’s “Homesick” video below.


Kane Brown

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