May 21, 2019

George Strait’s Wounding Song “When Did You Stop Loving Me”

George Strait’s Life

George Strait is not only a known Country singer but also a known actor and a music producer. He married his wife Norma. They have one son named George, Jr. They also had a daughter named Jennifer. Jennifer died in a car accident. Moreover, the family formed a foundation for their child who passed away. The money raised would be given to the homeless children. George’s passion is being a professional rodeo competitor.

george strait
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He released his first single “I Saw God Today” and ranked number one on Country charts.

In 2008, Strait achieved an award for Single of the Year and Album of the Year with CMA awards.

Straight signed his contract with MCA records and released many more hit albums. He is usually called by his fans as the “King of Country.”

“When Did You Stop Loving Me”

The song is originally co-written by Monty Holmes with Donny Kees. It was also produced by Tony Brown and George Strait. Strait was the one who first recorded the song in 1992.

The song was released on April 19, 1993. This song became a hit and is known as one of the Billboard Hot Country Singles and it entered into the Tracks chart.

From its lyrics “When Did You Stop Loving Me” the lover was questioned what happened with their relationship. It shows that there is no longer love involved in the relationship they have. Probably, the relationship will fail if there is only one person building the relationship.

When you love someone, you must learn to let them go because if that person is really into you, there are no words such as “what if.” Instead, they will be with you to face the real world.

If there will come a time when you don’t feel the love anymore, tell your lover at once because its best to let them know the truth than letting them believe that you are still in love but in fact, you’re not.

You can also visit his website and follow his Facebook page for more updates.


George Strait

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