July 9

Hank Williams Jr. Pays Tribute to Waylon Jennings with “Waylon’s Guitar”

Hank Williams Jr. proved that he is more than his father’s son. He made a name for himself when he released country hits after his father died. Although it was hard for Hanks Jr. to get out from his father’s shadow at first, he still pushed through.

With his song like “Waylon’s Guitar” and many others, Hank Williams Jr. is on the road to becoming his own self and a significant country artist.

hank williams jr.
via Hank Williams Jr.’s official Facebook page

Hank Williams Jr. Respecting Country Legends

This song was penned by Williams Jr. himself. He made sure that the traditional sound will shine through the song thus, making it a honky-tonk guitar track. This was, of course, in honor of Waylon Jennings, who was his mentor and an inspiration to him. Hank found his voice the same as Waylon’s style. He chose to do country outlaw music and it showed in his lyrics.

Country outlaw is becoming less and less known. It died with the likes of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and other country outlaw artists. So, we appreciate that Hank Williams Jr. is making sure that this type of music is still being heard today.

hank williams jr.
via Screengrab from YouTube

Who has Waylon’s Guitar?

We know that Hank has a special love for Waylon’s guitar so he had to write a song about it but does the singer have it? The answer is no. Unfortunately, it went into the hands of country superstar Keith Urban.

The country singer’s wife, Nicole Kidman, bought it from an auction back in 2009. The guitar was at the hands of Reggie Young, but he had to sell it. Keith Urban was at least gracious since he informed Young that he has the guitar and that he can borrow it anytime he wants. Waylon’s guitar had become a country music relic and we hope that it will be safe in the hands of the singer.

Listen to Hank William Jr.’s song here:


Hank Williams Jr., Waylon Jennings

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