November 4

Sam Williams – Son of Country Music Icon Hank Williams Jr., Admits to Being Gay

Hank Williams Jr.’s son, who also happens to be a famous country singer, Sam Williams, finally opens up about his sexuality. He comes out as gay and, at the same time, releases an impressive music video with the announcement. 

The country singer recently released the music video for the song “Tilted Crown.” The music video shows Sam’s struggle with his “identity” and the generational pressure of being Hank Williams Jr.‘s son. In the video, the singer also shows himself kissing his real-life boyfriend. 

Sam Williams recently got interviewed by Hunter Kelly on an episode of Proud Radio. There, he opens up about his decision to bring his personal life into the limelight. According to Sam, it felt like the perfect opportunity to show the world his true self. Sam also said he wasn’t being true to himself and was promoting invisibility. 

The country singer also explains that he already came out with his label and personal life. However, he never publicly talked about it until recently. He says it’s a scary experience, but at the same time, it feels good. 

Sam Williams is just one of the increasing number of LGBTQ country singers who “came out” about their sexuality in recent years. In the country music industry, opening up about being gay is still a rare sight, even today. 

That is why Sam Williams hopes his honesty about being gay will help future generations to be more honest with themselves. He also wishes his story could help those still struggling to make peace with who they “truly” are. 


Hank Williams Jr., Sam Williams

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