July 9

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Singing is the Cutest in Social Media Land!

Power couple Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are inseparable even in their busy schedules. Urban just love to intertwine his career with his spouse, serving as an inspiration, or simply working in the background.

Nicole Kidman’s Cameos

If you were to ask Kidman fanatics, rarely will you hear them say that she can also sing even after the release of “Moulin Rouge.” All throughout the years, she has only been known as an actress appearing in TV shows or movies, a producer, and a philanthropist who simply like to extend her help to those in need. But these recent years, we would randomly hear her voice cameos to Keith’s music which simply leads to the conclusion that “Hey, Nicole Kidman can really sing!”

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Singing Together

Keith Urban’s 2017 song “Female” depicts a great feminist approach to its lyrics leading listeners to realize societal issues that affect women, especially their rights.

Given her astounding reputation, Nicole Kidman gives a boost to the song’s morale and emphasis. Although Keith claimed that it’s been hard to convince Nicole to take the female part for him, she eventually did. Urban said that “It is the perfect song for her”.

In Keith’s Graffiti U album where he sings “Parallel Line,” Nicole Kidman appears in a cameo. She’s also given Keith tremendous support during its making. The lyrics though, even without mentioning Nicole, holds a sum of emotions that still shout her name.

Keith and Nicole Covers “Your Song”

As Baz Luhrmann’s musical masterpiece Moulin Rouge hits its 18th Anniversary, the couple, first filmed by their kids, perform a short cover of Elton John’s Your Song in their home studio.

Keith, however, also had a past with the song considering it was the opening piece he performed when he appeared the second time in the Top of the Pops in 1971. It brought nostalgia for the couple as they sing the song in different notes ma, but still managing to stay in harmony.

Keith’s Vow to Nicole

Amongst all the music that Urban sang with Kidman, “The Fighter,” a single he produced a decade ago, served as his creative expression of his vow to Nicole.

“The song is about wanting to heal somebody, wanting to take care of somebody, wanting to protect somebody,” he said in an interview from Billboard.

Keith Urban recorded the song with Carrie Underwood and surprised his wife when he invited her to lip-sync for him. The message the song holds is about a conversation they once had that as things got tough, Urban will be there to hold Kidman tighter.


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