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Teen Swimmers Drifting in the Ocean Get Saved by a Boat Named “Amen”


Teen swimmers, Tyler Smith and Heather Brown, were on a summer break and decided to take a swim at the Vilano beach in Florida. Never have they thought that they would be swimming for their lives during their vacation.

In this miraculous story of these teen swimmers, we will look at the work of the Lord and we may all agree that he moves in mysterious ways.

teen swimmer, amen
Photo by Eric Wagner

Teen Swimmers Shout for Help

It was a usual day for Tyler and Heather when they decided to go for a long swim at the beach. They were both amazing swimmers but what happened after says otherwise. Something changed in the water and these two felt like they were being pushed. They were trying to swim near the light tower but they were dragged further away from the land.

Both the teen swimmers decided to hold hands and try to stay afloat. This would help them conserve energy since they did not know how long are they going to stay adrift. Being students from Christ’s Church Academy, their last resort was to pray. They asked for the Lord’s help since it was the most logical thing to do at that time.

teen swimmer, amen
via Screengrab from CBS News

A Boat Named “Amen”

They were drifting in the ocean for 30 minutes. After that, a miracle came in their way. A boat named “Amen” was sailing from South Florida to New Jersey when it spotted the teen swimmers shouting for help. When the boat got near them, the teens were shocked and was at peace at the same time because they knew that their prayers were heard.

The boat was aptly named “Amen” just after they prayed for help. In an interview, one of the teen swimmers said:

“It came out of nowhere. When I saw it, I knew we were getting out of here.”

Such is the power of faith and praying. We shall never forget to always pray and ask for guidance in times of darkness. This story only proves that He is always there for us.

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