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15 Backyard Wedding Photos To Convince You To Throw One On Your Big Day

Backyard Wedding Photos

There are so many reasons why you should have a backyard wedding, and to help all the soon-to-be-married couples out there who are just beginning to plan their big day, we’ve gathered some of the best photos to convince you why throwing one can be the best.

Check them out below, and you’ll realize why backyard weddings are becoming more popular – most especially in this time of social distancing.

1. Get Hitched At a Stunning Historic Home

Look at how this couple transformed their aunt and uncle’s beautiful historic home in Black Mountain, North Carolina, into a scene straight from Nicholas Sparks’ romantic movies. The giant Maple tree even makes things more laidback. 

2. Strategic Styling Is A Must

If it’s pretty impossible to get into your dream destination wedding, you can make your own backyard romantic – all it takes is a bit of imagination and some strategic styling.

3. Illuminate Your Outdoor Wedding

Trust us when we say pergolas are great for backyard weddings. Add some twinkle lights and gorgeous chairs, and your dream for a quaint and romantic backyard wedding will come to life.

4. Add Some Personal Touch

Nothing adds a personal touch to your wedding décor quite like beautiful hand-lettered signage. You can use it to share your and your beau’s favorite quotes.

5. Set The Mood With Good Lighting

Good wedding lighting combined with stunning greenery, flowers, food, and atmosphere can help set the mood of your wedding day.

6. Make Use of Natural Scenery

Isn’t this backyard stunning? It has ample space, natural scenery, and natural lighting. It all makes for a magical time, especially with good weather.

7. A Pool Can Be A Great Addition

A pool is a beautiful addition to your setting; combine it with flowers of all kinds, and it will look spectacular. Don’t forget to get some great shots with a poolside photoshoot.

8. You’ll Never Fail With Classic White

Elegant classic white is popular for any season, and they look dreamy with any backyard. It’s best combined with natural wood or neutral-toned chairs.

9. Using Tents Is Actually a Good Decision

We’ll say this over and over again: tents will always be a great choice for backyard weddings. While you may have biased thoughts of what a tented wedding looks like, you can actually effortlessly transform any tent to fit your style.

10. Create a Perfect Seating

Add basic white folding chairs into the scenic greenery, and you have the perfect seating for your rustic chic wedding.

11. Enjoy The Golden Hour

Schedule your wedding ceremony in the later hours, and your guest will enjoy a unique and romantic experience of golden hour.

12. There’s Beauty in Simplicity

You can’t deny the beauty of simplicity in this intimate wedding setup.

13. Hanging Centerpieces Will Wow Your Guests

Are you going for an elegant translucent tent? Don’t forget hanging centerpieces in the form of fresh floral and foliage.

14. Small Accent Pieces Can Make Big Impact

This goes to show how small accent pieces are enough to transform any space.

15. The Pool Can Actually Be A Great Centerpiece

Making the pool the centerpiece of your wedding ceremony will never fail you!

Clearly, a simple event held in the privacy of one’s yard is nothing but charming. Hope these photos give you enough backyard wedding ideas for your special day.

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