October 30

Jimmie Allen Debuts Children’s Book Called ‘My Voice Is a Trumpet’

It’s rare to find an artist who would take a great turn just to empower children. One willing to be a role model by sharing his experiences in order to carve open-mindedness in his audience, encouraging them to see that the good in this almost-broken world is not based on skin color.

Jimmie Allen temporarily put down the microphone in exchange for a pen. He shifted his voice into something creative and something enjoyable, henceforth giving birth to his debut children’s book; ‘My Voice Is a Trumpet’.

Racism is Everywhere

In the world of country music, Jimmie Allen was already a rising superstar as he was able to kick off his career with radio hits that owned the charts for two consecutive times. He also composes music that voices racial justice and contemporary issues, always reminding us to “check our hearts” in order to prevent unfortunate events like the unfortunate fate of George Floyd under the hands of white police officers.

But as a black artist who’s a father of a six-year-old son and a six-month-old daughter, Jimmie Allen tends to use the experiences he gained in writing songs and connecting with his audience to put a stop to racial discrimination. Now he has a new target audience; children of the next generation made possible through a children’s themed book.

Entrusted to the Next Generation

Jimmie Allen expressed how songwriting and writing a book had a lot in common. He said that these works are just all about honesty and building a connection with the audience. He aims that children of the next generation will develop a voice that is powerful to spread love and encouragement to the world.

Allen still asks parents and adults to do their part in teaching them good values and virtues. But as a father and an artist, Jimmie Allen has a vision that one day, his book will raise an army of voices to finally rid the world of racism.

‘My Voice Is a Trumpet’ is planned for release on July 13, 2021, and was illustrated by award-winning children’s book author Cathy Ann Johnson. The plot revolves around a series of characters learning to speak up for themselves and issues that matter to them most.

As per the early description of the book, it reads “From voices that roar like a lion, to voices as small as a bee, all it takes is confidence and a belief in the goodness of others to change the world.”


Jimmie Allen

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