Summer is just around the corner. While some are excited about the warmth of the sun others maybe not. However, the month following spring has one of the best weathers. June is a time to warm up with the desire to unite and start a life of forever with the love of your life. If there is one thing country music knows for better or worse, it is giving importance on how love in every person lives. Inspiring some of the sweetened feelings in a sound, delicate way, country music truly knows how to lift a ceremony, most especially a bride, with its fervent lyrics and magnificent melodies. Check out seven out of innumerable country love songs you can use for your first dance or walking down the aisle from our wedding playlist.

Country Songs Wedding Playlist For Wannabe June Brides 1

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Speechless, Dan + Shay

Surely, this love song will make you speechless. Just as the title implies, Dan + Shay were both defeated by words when they saw their wives robed in white for the first time. Taking the groom’s standpoint in this lyric, the simple atmosphere glowing off their dream women makes them lose their minds the best way possible.

Parallel Line, Keith Urban

Keith Urban, himself, penned this track with his wife, Nicole Kidman. Yes. In their mind. We see how much they cannot get enough of each other. Whenever we see them walk a red carpet together, or attend gatherings, we feel love. Urban said his life changed for the better when he met his better half in this song. Prepare to have your heart melt one chord at a time.

Heaven, Kane Brown

When Kane Brown cracked the question to his fiancée, he knew she was his angel on earth. There comes a moment when someone finds their person, they have that spiritual experience like that of a true elation. Sometimes, real love and life with the right someone can send anyone above the clouds. Heaven!

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