February 10

Look At This Adorable Moment of Toby Keith Teaching Granddaughter How To Fish

While we may know Toby Keith as someone who stands out in country music for his rousing anthems that center on drinking and partying and often reflect his life as a touring musician, many don’t know that the country hitmaker is also a happy family man.

He has three children, and it appears that their relationship is as tight as a knot. Take, for instance, Toby Keith‘s relationship with daughter Krystal Keith, which has remained very strong despite his busy lifestyle, spending time away from home for six to eight weeks to go on tour. Still, Krystal said Keith was around for most of her childhood.

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“I don’t really remember him being gone,” Krystal said. “When he was home, he was so present that I don’t remember the spans of him being gone.” And it’s a love and dedication Keith extends to the younger ones – his grandkids!

Precious Moments Between Toby Keith and His Grandchildren

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Throughout the years, Krystal has been sharing some adorable photos of her girls with their country star grandfather in her Instagram.

When Krystal and her husband Andrew welcomed their second beautiful little girl in 2019, Kirby Kaye, the proud mama took to her Instagram to share a sweet, snugly snapshot of a grandfather and granddaughter tandem. Dressed in a cute onesie, little Kirby was resting on Keith’s chest – “the same spot I snuggled into 33 years ago,” Krystal wrote in the caption.

Another adorable moment we found was when Keith taught Krystal’s eldest daughter, Hensley, how to fish – and it looks like they had a pretty impressive catch. With the huge smile on Hensley’s face, it’s safe to say the little girl had fun. After all, Keith is the living proof that fishing and country music might as well be the same.

Well, here’s to wishing Keith spend many more happy years together enjoying his children and grandchildren.


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