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What was Rascal Flatts’s Biggest Goal on their Bucket List?


9 years ago, the Rascal Flatts trio was introduced to the Grand Ole Opry community and it was a dream come true for Gary Levox, Jay DeMarcus, and Joe Don Rooney.

On October 8, Rascal Flatts celebrated a very special day. On the same day in 2011, the trio was inducted by Little James Dickens and officially became Opry members. They went on to perform some of their timeless hits that night like “Life is a Highway” and “Why Wait.”

Almost a decade after becoming official members of the Opry, the starred country group still cites the Grand Ole Opry stage as one of their most favorite places to perform. Just like any aspiring country star, the Rascal Flatts have dreamt of the time that they could perform on the Opry stage since they were kids and to finally be able to do it, brings back memories from their childhood.

Rascal Flatts members Gary Levox, Jay DeMarcus, and Joe Don Rooney might have the best night in their lives with their induction ceremony, but one cannot despise how overwhelming the memory was when Vince Gil personally asked them to join the Opry.

Rascal Flatts went on to be the biggest and brightest country group, recording hits and performing for thousands of people around the country. However, the trio that country fans loved through the years is close to calling it quits. It’s time to take on life’s new journey and new beginnings. When they started 20 years ago they could not have imagined that their careers would end up this great. The trio clarified that none of them are sick and that they maintain close contact with one another.

Joe Rooney explained how unexpected the invitation was. It was during a random Tuesday night after coming off the road and how exhausted they all were but once they stepped on stage, everything just feels fresh. Yet on that night, they knew it won’t just be an ordinary night as they saw Gil on the side stage and was holding on to Rooney’s guitar.

Rooney recalled how Gill humorously told a story of how they owe him money for losing a game in golf then Gill continued on and asked them to be the newest members of the Grand Ole Opry. LeVox remembers that it was an evening of emotions as they finally got one of the biggest things that they’ve set off as a group.

“I mean, that was a big goal on our bucket list. We wanted to be members of the Opry someday, but just to be honest, [Gill] inviting us into the family, I’m not even sure if there are words that we can use to describe that feeling.”