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October 27, 2020


October 27, 2020


October 27, 2020

You probably have been following upcoming artists to the new singles that country music legends and stars that are working on lately. Yet, there are still things that you have never known about your favorite singers. For now, let us take a look at some of the facts about Scotty McCreery.

He was most known for winning the tenth season of American Idol and the success of his debut album “Clear as Day” which earned him a certified platinum record. However, there are some things that you probably should add to your knowledge about McCreery.

How Old is He?

You probably have guessed McCreery as about around his early 30s right? Well, one could make that hunch, even those who have first heard one of his songs. With his deep bass voice, McCreery has serenaded us for years. But did you know that McCreery was born on October 9, 1993? This makes him 27-years old!

Puerto Rican Blood

The American Idol Star has a quarter of Puerto Rican blood in him. His father was born in Puerto Rico to an American father and a Puerto Rican mother. Scotty McCreery’s grandparents would later move to North Carolina where he and his family currently lives.

If McCreery would have a really huge regret in her earlier years, it was him refusing to learn to speak Spanish frequently, despite her grandmother offering to teach him.

What is His Go To Snack Food?

Well, some might think it to be unnecessary for fans to know about what our favorite artists eat for snacks, but this won’t probably bring us some harm right? We usually link biscuits and homemade pastries when talking of people who live down south right? But take McCreery as a different kind of southern man. He was specific in telling us that what he loves eating during snacks; reduced-fat cheese.

McCreery on Majors

Scotty McCreery has given his life and love to country music. Yet there is one thing that he would be willing to share his love to; baseball. McCreery has been a student-athlete all throughout high school. He also has become one of the greatest fans of the Red Sox. Scotty McCreery’s knowledge about the game was in full display through his several blogs in 2013 for the MLB which he named, “McCreery on Majors.”


Scotty McCreery



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