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What Did Vince Gill Say That Surprised Rascal Flatts That Much?

What Did Vince Gill Say That Surprised Rascal Flatts That Much? 1
Grand Ole Opry photo from a 1944 advertisement (image from wikimedia.org)

The Opry Membership

There’s no magic formula nor secret code that grants access to one of the most sought-after invitations in the world of country music. Grand Ole Opry membership requires a deep-rooted passion for country fans, connection to music history, and the willingness to make sacrifices to uphold whatever commitment they have vowed in the name of country music.

Along with Opry membership is the responsibility and honor to take into account all the standards of success in country music. But above them all, Opry membership focuses on relationships. The relationship between performers and fans and between other Opry members. Most importantly, the relationship between the artist and the ideals of the Grand Ole Opry.

In line with Alan Jackson, George Strait, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton and many other iconic members of the Opry, a certain country trio received their invitation to join the prestigious show in September 2011. If you haven’t got any idea yet, let me give you a clue. This country music triumvirate is primarily known for their pleasing harmonies and Grammy-winning songcraft.

You’ve guessed it right! They are the Rascal Flatts! And without a doubt, they’ve proven themselves qualified with the conditions mentioned above.

What Did Vince Gill Say That Surprised Rascal Flatts That Much? 2
Rascal Flatts receives Opry invitation (image from billboard.com)

That Extraordinary Day

On September 27, 2011, Rascal Flatts showed up in the Grand Ole Opry to play a short set. They were setting the mood on stage when Vince Gill came onto the stage. The trio stood confused, they thought the popular country artist would join them on their song. To their surprise, Gill announced their formal invitation to become a member of the Opry.

While the Rascal Flatts were clueless about the Opry’s plan to induct them, country fans thought they totally deserve to be part of the grandiose show after decades of releasing top country hits. For the record, the group has over 30 top 20 singles, including at least 10 number one hits.

Rascal Flatts have stood tall during their induction on the Grand Ole Opry on October 8.

Let Rascal Flatts serenade you once again with this song. Enjoy watching!

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