September 8

Reba Roots for Carrie and the Girls to Win CMA Awards

With the 2020 CMA Awards approaching, Reba McEntire is thrilled to see the girls get back into the scene.

This year’s CMA Awards presented a historic moment in the country music industry because for the first time in a long time since 1979, two solo female artists have been nominated for the CMA Entertainer of the Year Award.

For years, the CMA Entertainer of the Year Award has been highly dominated by male artists. In fact, it was back in 1979 when Crystal Gayle and Barbara Mandrell became the last pair of solo female artists that were nominated for the award. Forty-one years later, Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert finally broke the chain. For country star Reba McEntire, it is more than just enough reason to be glad.

Reba’s Unapologetic Pick

Together with Eric Church, Luke Combs and Keith Urban who rounded up the set of nominees, Reba McEntire has her own favourite to win the prestigious award. She believes that this year, it is Carrie Underwood’s time to shine. Well, if there is someone who has the right to pick a favorite for the award, the queen of Country is totally qualified as she also won the CMA Entertainer of the Year Award in 1986.

Reba is happy to see the girls back into the CMA Entertainer of the Year conversation and she thinks Carrie can win it all. For the country music legend, it takes a song to name an artist as an entertainer of the year. However,  it is not just an ordinary song. One must have a great song that would let him or her rise even with tight competition and would control the peak for some time. With that said, Reba sees Carrie as the sure-fire winner of the CMA Entertainer of the Year Award this year.

“All throughout her career, Carrie has busted her tail off and it deserves to be recognized,” Reba pointed out as she speaks about the reason why she thinks Carrie should win this year’s CMA Entertainer of the Year Award.

For a true fan of country music, Carrie’s work through the years is seen in her work as an artist. The creativity in her productions and the costumes that she had used in her current concerts are impressive. For Reba, she is proud and glad that Carrie is given such time to represent country music.


Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Reba McEntire

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