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Here Are Small Cabins You Can Build Yourself or Buy for $300 and Up

It’s not a secret that small cabins may be very tiny, simple, and rustic, but not everyone knows that they may also be prestigious, huge, and modern. Thanks to today’s new technologies, we now have the opportunity to own small prefab cottages of our dreams with a cozy atmosphere and great design.

So, without further ado, here are some of the best small cabins for sale or log cabin kits under 1100 sqft that are available in the market today.


ESCAPE has produced “the most beautiful tiny houses in the world,” says Forbes Magazine. They’ve been in the industry for more than two decades – designing and building award-winning tiny homes. Their designs have been famous for being sturdy enough to survive extreme climates like heavy snow, harsh cold, and intense heat. 

Common features of their units include LED lighting, spacious bedrooms, a full kitchen, big bathrooms, and panoramic windows, among others. They used materials that are energy-efficient and eco-friendly, too, such as sustainable wood. Also, ESCAPE’s units come with their own leveling system – this means it will be set in a matter of minutes as long as sites are relatively level.

The company delivers almost anywhere in America that’s accessible by their delivery trucks and units. And if you want to try one, you can book a stay at Canoe Bay ESCAPE Village, Wisconsin.

2. Hobbit House Inspired Cabin 

If you dream of owning a tiny house in Maryland, you can buy one at Hobbitat Spaces. They’ve been designing and building homes as unique as their clients for a decade and a half, responding to people’s wants and needs and boosting space and efficiency.

To get a taste of the cabin life, they offer cabin rentals and you can book your stay by Hobbitat Spaces at Blue Moon Rising on Deep Creek Lake, Maryland. Each cabin was incredibly designed and had a unique personality for guests to enjoy each of its distinct characteristics.

3. Tiny Home Builders

If you’re considering building a fun-sized cabin but have no idea how to kick it off, Tiny Home Builders has the best options where you can dip your toes. You can download their study guides and small cabin plans for free. They also offer workshops perfect for every build-it-yourself beginner.

4. Jamaica Cottage Shop

This shop offers a one-room cabin with an open floor plan and high ceilings. It also has a small loft and a porch – making it perfect for a full-time living or even for a guesthouse for your upcoming visitors or a playhouse for your little ones.

What’s even great is that Jamaica Cottage Shop sells log cabin kits in different stages of the construction process – from just the DIY kit, the frames, to an entirely built home. The cabin kit is also easy to assemble since each piece of the lumber comes with numbers and color codes.

5. Backcountry Tiny Homes

Backcountry Tiny Homes offers a small cabin on wheels that is packed with floor-to-ceiling storage solutions perfect for all of your outdoor gear. The rooftop deck is our favorite as it gives you a stunning view.

Anyway, Backcountry Tiny Homes is owned by tiny homeowners themselves. And there is no better way to understand how tiny home design comes together and functions daily for homeowners than they do. Rest assured that they understand the bones and guts of each tiny home, and it goes beyond finishing touches like insulation, ventilation, and so much more.

6. Summerwood Products

If you’re still learning how to build a cabin, Summerwood Products is perfect for you. The company designs and sells small structures that could sleep two or more people – depending on style and size. It’s the perfect addition to your existing cabin that doesn’t have enough room to accommodate more friends.

7. Shelter in a Day

Shelter in a Day offers a 144-square-foot tiny house at $4,999 that it is easy to assemble. In fact, you’ll be done building it within the day. This is because each part of the cabin kit has been cut precisely and is made with sturdy MDF that is waterproof and resistant to rust and termites.

What’s even great is that it comes with a patented interlocking system so that you can quickly snap all of the parts together – making the assembly process entirely tool-free. But make sure to place this tiny house on a solid foundation which you must build separately.

8. Lumber Tiny House

Lumber Tiny House focuses more on home improvement but has recently launched a series of cabins on wheels that you can purchase – either move-in ready or build-it-yourself. You can choose among the four models available with sizes that range from 153 to 205 square feet.

9. Tiny Innovations

Tiny Innovations created some of the most impressive and smartly designed houses for individuals, couples, and families alike – which can be customized according to your preferences. You can also choose among various sizes available. 

Check out the company’s website to get a glimpse of the available models through a virtual walkthrough.

10. The Wedge by WheelHaus

The Wedge by Wheelhous is a modular cabin that has a size of 400 square feet and is assembled on a trailer chassis which also serves as a recreational vehicle. This means you can bring it to any place that allows RV’s and mobile homes. 

It’s big enough to sleep up to three people and has stunning features like exterior siding made of reclaimed snow fencing, big trapezoidal windows, and strikingly tall ceilings.

Check out below some other small cabins you can buy.

11. Jamaica Cottage Shop

12. Forever Tiny Homes

13. Tiny Portable Cabins

14. Tin Can Cabin

15. Relax Shacks

With these tiny cabins, you’ll definitely soon have your dream retreat come to life.



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