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Log Cabin Kits: 12 Small Log Home Kits You Can Buy And Build

Log cabin kits are the answer to your cozy cottage core aesthetic and the need to have a sanctuary. Moreover, log cabins are energy efficient, eco-friendly, and unlike popular opinion, they are easy to maintain and troubleshoot. 

Here are 12 small cabin kits that you can buy to build your own cabin

1. Bluebell Kit

Established in 2013, BZB Cabins and Outdoors offers a wide range of cabin kits, saunas, gazebos, pavilions, and other outdoor items for your backyard or townhouse. They ship to all lower 48 states, and customers are given specialty treatment — having access to a cellphone hotline where a specialist will walk them through the assembly process.

If you’re on a slim budget and looking for a tiny modern-looking cabin, their 212 square feet BlueBell cabin is for you. Its 7’9″ wall height gives it a large and spacious feeling, and oversized windows bringing in a lot of natural light that makes the cabin perfect as an artist studio, a pool house, or anything you can imagine.

If you’re interested in purchasing this beauty, it’s going for only $13,600.

2. Alpine I Kit

Launched in 1978, Southland Log Homes has established itself as one of the big names in the log cabin industry. They have a wide range of cabins – from simple well-made ones to customizable luxury cabins. 

This 2-storey 800 square-feet cabin is inspired by a mountain chalet in a simple yet efficient layout. If you love the traditional log cabin look, then Alpine I is a perfect match. It has a wide open loft area, a large covered porch area, and an open deck. 

3. Monticello Kit

Honest Abe Log Homes provides quality log home cabin kits using a mix of Eastern White Pine and Douglas Fir that are properly dried that will hold up better over time. 

The Monticello Kit is a 624 square feet cabin complete with a sleeping loft, kitchen and dining, and a full bath. There are also extended spaces at the front and back for outdoor space. 

4. River Rock II Kit

One of the most innovative log home builders in America is the Blue Ridge Log Cabins built in 1992. They offer comfortable and beautiful cabins packaged in cheap log cabin kits

River Rock II is built with rustic flavor with stonework that aesthetically blends with nature sceneries. It’s a 2-storey log cabin with 802 square feet area built with expansive windows. 

5. Backwoods Kit

Coventry Log Homes is a factory-direct company showcasing highly energy-efficient cabins at a low cost. They carry some of the best designs for log homes and cabins. 

Their Backwoods Kit is one of the tiny log cabin kits with an open concept style cabin, so you will have the freedom to layout and maximize your space. This one’s built for the true cabin enthusiasts. 

6. Woodsman Kit

Log home connoisseurs definitely love the scent of authentic cedar offered by Katahdin Cedar Log Homes. They exercise highly sustainable practices, so every build is definitely eco-friendly. 

The cozy Woodsman cabin features one bedroom and one bath with a small loft for storage, a classic design with a front porch for tranquil coffee mornings. 

7. Beaver Wash Kit

Everyone wants an excellent value for their money, and if you’re on a budget but want a bit of an upscale, then eLogHomes is a good builder to try. Their cabins are traditional and homely with a modern edge.

Their Beaver Wash is a charming 1-storey log cabin with 395 square feet of space with a bedroom and a bath. This is the perfect cabin by the lakeside or in the mountains. 

8. Hunter Cabin Kit

One of the fastest growing log home companies in the US, Lazarus Log Homes use efficient design and direct supplier for materials so their cabin kits are affordable. 

With a small footprint design built with a loft, this Hunter Cabin kit is perfect for a getaway or even a rental cabin for resorts. The base price of this package is $23,000

9. Hunting Cabin Kit

With a style to suit everyone’s taste – from traditional to contemporary, Schutt Log Homes and Mill Works has it all. They use natural log construction, and all of their cabin kits are energy efficient. 

The 400-square Hunting Cabin kit is a cozy bungalow complete with everything you need in a cabin. It has an easy design that would be a great starter project for beginners and hobbyists.

10. Black Bear Kit

Battlecreek Log Homes design custom cabins that have a unique personality patterned from its owner. They use an old-world level of craftsmanship to build these cabins. 

The Black Bear Kit is a 578 square feet cabin with a bedroom and bath perfect for relaxation and costs $46,566.

11. Woody Snow Fox Kit

An innovative log cabin builder, Cabintek is dedicated to making their customer’s dream houses together with expert craftsmanship and ingenuity.

The 350 square Woody Snow Fox has 2 bedrooms and 1 bath, perfect for those who like to enjoy remote outdoors. It’s super easy and fast to install. 

12. Hideaway Kit

Gastineau Log Homes have provided the top quality materials for log cabin kits since 1977, and they definitely value the importance of customer service. 

The Hideaway perfectly captures the feeling of space, security, and comfort, which is suited for those who want to truly escape the noise.

Explore log cabin kits near you now!



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