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Reba McEntire’s Southern Manor Ready to Make New Memories


Reba McEntire lived like a true country queen since 1990 just until 2015 when she decided to sell her 1.3-hectare mansion which was built around the southern estate outside Nashville, Tennessee. Along with the sale is the letting go of all the memories she built together with her ex-husband Narvel Blackstock.

Not Keeping Bittersweet Memories

For a country fan, it’s a no brainer if Reba McEntire would have wanted to sell her mansion. Living in the same roof of the southern manor, it would be bittersweet for her to keep reliving old memories for herself as she and Narvel had already parted ways. She has hosted events, enjoyed the playroom, and spent time relaxing in her vast living room but wonderful moments of the past can feel hurtful when the people you’ve spent it with for years are no longer present.

But these things are now all history for Reba McEntire as the property is no longer hers. She sold it for a whopping 5 million dollars to Deron Lichte, a Nashville local businessman.

Visiting the Estate at Cherokee Dock

McEntire would probably still like to pay a visit to her old residence if her schedule permits. The property she left has a ton of bathrooms, a spacious garage, barns, and recreational spaces such as pools, tennis courts, hot tubs, and spa. But all these have been renovated now. The new owner chose to modernize the aesthetics of the house which was built in the year 1990s.

Fortunately, even if Deron Lichte is a serious businessman, he still has a soft side for country music artists. He had the mansion turned into a gigantic memoir built for Reba McEntire, Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson, Garth Brooks, Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, and Johnny Cash by converting some of the bedrooms into archives matching each star’s personality.

Reba McEntire may have left her home for many years, but her presence and the memories she’s spent in it never did. From being called the Southern Manor, it became the Estate at Cherokee Dock which will be ever ready to host new people and new memories for the new owners.

It still has the amazing view of the old Hickory Lake and is now available to be enjoyed by many as it goes from being a mere mansion into becoming an upscale event space highlighting the lives of the country artists we’ve grown to love.