November 10

Dolly Parton: “God Speaks to Me through Carl Dean”

God always has something in store for us whenever and wherever, but faith can really be very impressive especially when people believe. And for Dolly Parton, her Christian faith is what really drives her going.

Parton has been married to her husband Carl Dean for already 54 years, 56 if we count the time they got together. As their relationship gets much more intimate in each passing year, Parton revealed that she’s been blessed by how God speaks to her through Carl.

Mysterious Phenomenon

In her recent appearance in the ‘Late Show With Stephen Colbert’, we got to dive deeper into Dolly Parton’s spiritual life. She said that God speaks to her through her husband as his mouthpiece.

Parton told Stephen that whenever she prays, she has the tendency to wait for an answer especially when she prays about something that has been worrying or grieving her. When Carl Dean brings those topics to her to talk about, Parton, of course, is surprised because she never tells her husband about her prayers.

Be it their faith or their strong bond as a couple, Parton loves those moments. The assurances she receives through her husband are exactly what she often asks in prayer and God, being omnipotent, chose the best person possible; her long-time lover and partner, Carl Dean.

Life Lived Through Love

Parton further said that it could all just be in her mind, but really, what could go wrong by acting and claiming things through faith? And Carl Dean, being empathetic and intuitive, must have been one of the secrets for their marriage’s longevity. If you ask his wife, she would say ‘I think he’s kinda clairvoyant at times.’

Supernaturally inspired or not, Dolly Parton’s faith and Carl Dean’s affirmations are both rooted in the simple concept of love. Dean is also someone who would prefer helping and supporting his wife in the shadows while she performs and spends most of her time in the spotlight. Believe it or not, this type of relationship is working, and in a sense it’s astonishing. They might not appear in one stage in public, but after her shows, Dean would always be there to lend his shoulder for his wife to rest on. Sometimes, it’s not about who gets the credit in a relationship. What’s more important is that teamwork gets expressed in both faith and love.


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