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Watch Travis Tritt’s Wife Reunited With A Deer She Raised When They Were Orphaned

In 1997, one of the country’s bad boys surprised the many fans when he finally settled down. Travis Tritt then married Theresa Nelson – a Nashville-based college student and model whom he met randomly at a restaurant after a taping with Marty Stuart. Since then, she’s become an integral part of the country music superstar’s life, and they have been falling for each other every day.

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Travis Tritt even wrote her a song called “More Than You’ll Ever Know” a few months after their casual meeting. Well, the country star absolutely fell hard and fast for Theresa Nelson that he said he immediately wanted to spend every waking moment with Nelson and get to know her as much as he possibly could.

The couple was blessed with three children: daughter Tyler Reese and two sons, Tristan James and Tarian Nathaniel. However, now that the kids are older, the house seems to get a bit quieter.

But in 2019, an unexpected guest paid the family a surprise visit!

Travis Tritt’s Family Got The Surprise of Their Lives

In 2019, the Grammy Award-winning country artist caught the priceless moment on camera, which he uploaded to Instagram. The short clip showed his wife, Theresa Nelson, on their farm and a deer roaming around the property.

Nelson then slowly walked over to the deer, who also noticed her immediately – however, instead of fleeing like most animals would do, the deer actually started walking toward her. Nelson tried reaching the deer, but he was a little timid, making sure there was enough distance between the two of them. But what’s surprising was that he stayed where he was.

It turns out the deer was one of the little bucks Nelson raised when they were orphaned. And it’s clear from the video that he remembered Nelson. Luckily, Travis Tritt captured this touching moment. You can watch it below.


Theresa Nelson, Travis Tritt

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