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Garth Brook’s “The Dance” is Kelly Clarkson’s Divorce Song


Have you listened to Garth Brooks’ “The Dance?” Well, if you have not, Kelly Clarkson will be convincing you to listen to it now!

It was known to everyone that Kelly Clarkson and former husband Brandon Blackstock’s divorce would be a bit messy. After bearing two children, River in 2014 and Remington in April 2016, Clarkson and Blackstock are going their separate ways. Parenthood changed everything, said Clarkson. For the country star and TV show host, everything was changed when she finally entered parenthood. It made her stronger.

A perfect marriage it may seem, but internal problems were getting worst. Thanks to quarantine, they got stuck together, and it just reached the point of no return. The question remains, was it all about the Father-in-law drama, or was there still something deeper for it?

It Was Messy

Just like anyone who is undergoing the process of divorce, Clarkson has just reached her point of limit. With a total of four children together, Clarkson had to let the relationship go. But thanks to Garth Brooks, she is well and ready for the future.

In an episode in her television show “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” featuring country star Garth Brooks, the mother of two expressed how Brooks’ “The Dance,” helped her be in a state of realization. After her divorce, Clarkson was torn between things that she did not know how to express. She also wanted to move on and think that nothing ever happened. “Unfortunately, it was impossible,” says Clarkson. It mattered for her. She thought it would not get any better however, faith redirected its course.
Just in time, “The Dance” went on her playlist. She knew that’s how she was feeling. She even wrote a close rip-off to the song.

The Dance

Initially released in Brooks’ self-titled debut, “The Dance” became a massive hit for Brooks. Huge record labels in Nashville passed on the record. Eventually, a young up and coming country star, Garth Brooks was allowed to play the track.

Now “The Dance” has become one of the top hits for the legendary career of Garth Brooks and like Kelly Clarkson, has helped several others move on in their lives.

For Kelly and Garth, their careers have served them well and have established them as among country music’s biggest names today. We could sure wait for some great music coming next year from both of them.