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“What You See Is What You Get:” Luke Combs is Unapologetic with New Song


Luke Combs sets every expectation straight with his title track to his upcoming and much-anticipated second album “What You See is What You Get.”

The song is blatantly autobiographical and anthemic in its very core. The North Carolina native makes the lyrics of the song his own diary and his identity.

“I’m a straight-shooting, beer drinking, rule-breaking, don’t think I won’t take a good thing too far,” he sings in the pre-chorus, while gearing up for the meat of the song.

Luke Combs, Combs, What You See Is What You Get, What, Get You, See, New
via Curtis Hilbun/AFF-USA.com

“I’m a midnighting, backsliding, getaway-car-driving, running away with your heart. Be careful what you wish for’ is what I meant when I said, ‘What you see is what you get.’”

Combs is set to release “What You See Is What You Get,” the follow-up to his 2017 critically acclaimed debut “This One’s for You,” on the 8th of November.

Listen to the titular track here!

Luke Combs’ What You See Is What You Get Tracklist:

1. “Beer Never Broke My Heart” (Luke Combs / Randy Montana / Jonathan Singleton)
2. “Refrigerator Door” (Luke Combs / Jordan Brooker)
3. “Even Though I’m Leaving” (Luke Combs /Wyatt Durrette / Ray Fulcher)
4. “Lovin’ on You” (Luke Combs / Thomas Archer / Ray Fulcher / James McNair)
5. “Moon Over Mexico” (Luke Combs / Ray Fulcher / Dan Isbell / Jonathan Singleton)
6. “1, 2 Many” (feat. Brooks & Dunn) (Luke Combs / Dan Isbell / Tyler King / Drew Parker)
7. “Blue Collar Boys” (Luke Combs /Erik Dylan / Ray Fulcher / Derrick Moody)
8. “New Every Day” (Luke Combs / Ray Fulcher / Josh Thompson)
9. “Reasons” (Luke Combs / Ray Fulcher / James McNair)
10. “Every Little Bit Helps” (Luke Combs / Chase McGill / James McNair)
11. “Dear Today” (Luke Combs / Erik Dylan / Rob Snyder)
12. “What You See Is What You Get” (Luke Combs / Barry Dean / Jonathan Singleton)
13. “Does to Me” (feat. Eric Church) (Luke Combs / Ray Fulcher / Tyler Reeve)
14. “Angels Workin’ Overtime” (Luke Combs / Josh Phillips / Josh Thompson)
15. “All Over Again” (Luke Combs / Corey Crowder / Ray Fulcher)
16. “Nothing Like You” (Luke Combs / Drew Parker / Robert Williford)
17. “Better Together” (Luke Combs / Dan Isbell / Randy Montana)

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