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Rodney Atkins and wife Rose Falcon Found Love Unexpectedly

The platinum-selling country singer Rodney Atkins and wife Rose Falcon weren’t looking for love when they met, but it was like love found them. And for Atkins, his wife was definitely God’s gift. She just brought him ‘a complete peace of mind of what love was supposed to be.’ 

And they were not only a great match in love but also in songwriting which was something that the two deeply shared. It took some time to get their writing styles to flow seamlessly, but they eventually developed a strong chemistry. And through the process of writing songs, they got to learn more about each other. 

So let’s take their love story like a songwriting process starting from the first verse and see how it all began. 

First Verse: Meeting Love When They Least Expected It

Before Rose Falcon, Atkins had already been married to Tammy Jo McDonald. The couple married in 1998 and had a son named Elijah, but unfortunately, things didn’t work out between them. 

In November 2011, Rodney Atkins was arrested at his home in Brentwood, Tennessee, after his wife Tammy Jo accused him of suffocating her with a pillow after a night of drinking. She also claimed that he allegedly assaulted her in front of their son, which made her fear for her safety. Atkins denied everything and consequently filed for divorce. The court ruled to retire his misdemeanor domestic assault charge after he fulfilled staying out of trouble for 11 months and finishing 30 hours of community service. 

The couple’s divorce was settled in September 2012. 

And in 2013, he found the love of his life with American singer-songwriter Rose Falcon. As they both said, they weren’t looking for love when they met, and it just happened like fate. By June, the two were engaged, and on November 10, 2013, the two married in Captiva Island, Florida. 

They exchanged vows in front of 20 guests, including Atkins’ son Elijah who was also his best man. The wedding was officiated by the founder of Holston Methodist Home for Children, where Atkins lived before he was adopted. 

Meet Rodney Atkins’ wife, Rose Falcon

If you think Rose Falcon is a familiar name, that is because she is the daughter of the quintessential singer-songwriter Billy Falcon and hairdresser Myla Falcon. She was born on May 2, 1984 in New York City, New York, where her family spent a few years in a studio apartment. But they moved to New Jersey when she started attending school. 

In 1987, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and then lost her life after a two-year battle with the disease. She was just five years old then. Her father Billy raised her as he toured around the country, and when she was 10, they finally moved to Nashville. 

Her mother’s death, along with feeling left out throughout her school years, inspired a lot of her poetry writing which then led to songwriting. Now, she has established herself as a singer-songwriter whose songs have been recorded by Faith Hill, Lady A, Day of Fire, Eric Paslay, and Jessie James. Aside from that, she also wrote songs that were included in the soundtracks of popular films like ‘Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen,’ ‘Dawson’s Creek,’ and ‘Hart of Dixie.’

She also co-wrote songs with her husband, Rodney Atkins. 

In an interview with Atkins, he confessed that it was difficult when they first started writing. He was someone who wanted every song to be the greatest of all time but Falcon, on the other hand, just wanted them to finish a song. Through the process of songwriting, they got to know more about each other, and Atkins said that his writing was better than ever because of Falcon. 

As for Falcon, she learned how to persevere and not give up, to just keep pushing through and that it was worth it in the end. Fans can catch two of Rodney Atkins songs penned by the couple in his 2019 album “Caught Up In The Country.”

Chorus: Meet Rodney Atkins’ Children

Rodney Atkins is a proud father of three sons. He shared his first son with Tammy Jo McDonald – Elijah Atkins, whose name was of Hebrew origin, which means “God is Yahweh.” He was born on September 28, 2001. Elijah had been the subject of many of his father’s songs like his 2006 single “Watching You.”

Rodney Atkins’s ex-wife also had two daughters named Lindsey and Morgan in her previous marriage, whom Atkins adopted. 

Then on December 14, 2017, Rodney welcomed his first child with now-wife Rose Falcon named Ryder Falcon Atkins. According to Rodney, they named him Falcon (which was Rose’s maiden name) to honor her dad and grandpa. And he had always loved the name Ry, and it was Rose who came up with Ryder. It was also of English origin, which meant knight, mounted warrior. 

Ryder arrived just four months after Rose shared that she had previously suffered a miscarriage. 

And two years later, Rodney and Rose announced the newest addition to their family in the most musical style ever. At the end of the three-minute lyric video of his 2019 song “My Life,” a photo of Atkins’ eldest son Elijah and his youngest Ryder popped up with a sonogram of a baby at the center.  

Finally, on August 26, 2019, the couple welcomed their second child together named Scout Falcon Atkins. In an interview, Atkins shared the meaning behind the name. It actually came from the first-ever vehicle that Atkins drove, which was a 1976 International Scout. He had always thought it was a cool name for a boy, and he was surprised that Rose actually went with him for this one. 

Now, Rodney Atkins and his wife Rose Falcon are happily living together with their three boys. And of course, Atkins is still very busy with his career, and he actually has a tour from June 26 until July 10, 2021. You can check out the tour info on his official website


Rodney Atkins, Rose Falcon

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