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Here Are Some Facts About Miranda Lambert, One of Today’s Most Significant Country Artists

If you’re a country music fan, then there’s no way you haven’t fallen – or perhaps gotten obsessed – with Miranda Lambert’s charm, powerful performances, and relatable lyrics. 

The country superstar has truly transformed from a simple country girl to the most highly awarded and best-selling act in country music ever since she joined the very first season of Nashville Star. Miranda Lambert songs about heartbreak or her childhood home have clearly resonated with listeners that they have been dominating the genre for years, with ten albums released since 2001.

While her achievements are widely known, there are maybe some facts about Lambert that you may not have heard before. Keep on scrolling below for things you may not know about “The House That Built Me” singer.

1. She’s a native of Longview, Texas. 

Born Miranda Leigh Lambert on November 10, 1983, the country superstar is the eldest of two children. She has one younger brother named Luke, who is now a software engineer. Her parents were private detectives who worked on high-profile cases, including the impeachment of President Bill Clinton.

However, the family’s prosperous private investigation business failed during the economic collapse in the 1980s. Lambert remembered being briefly homeless after losing their home and moving to her uncle, who was a goat farmer. The family later rented a home in Lindale, Texas, where she was raised.

2. She was surrounded by country music as a child. 

Lambert’s father played the guitar at home and taught her how to play it. At a very young age, Lambert had already developed her love for both mainstream country stars and outlaw-style singer-songwriters like Merle Haggard.

3. She made her debut in high school. 

Lambert kicked off her singing career when she joined The Texas Pride Band in high school. Lambert also fronted the house band at the Reo Palm Isle in Longview, Texas – where Brooks & Dunn started out as a duo.

4. She joined various talent shows that helped launch her career. 

Lambert was only 16 when she first appeared on the Johnnie High Country Music Revue, the same talent show that launched LeAnn Rimes. With such talent, Lambert gained a recording session. However, she got upset with the pop style of music presented to her, so she left the studio. 

A few years later, Lambert joined Nashville Star, where she finished third place.

5. She used to be shy. 

While we see Lambert conquering the stage each time she performs, her mother revealed that the singer was a very shy little girl. “She wouldn’t speak. Not a word at school. If she had to order her own food, she’d just not eat,” her mother said.

6. She has a diverse playlist. 

In addition to her country favorites, Lambert also listens to rock bands, as well as Mariah Carey, who was one of her early influences.

7. She’s a married woman. 

In 2011, Lambert married fellow country star Blake Shelton at a ranch in Boerne, Texas, after dating for five years. Sadly, the two called it quits, announcing their divorce after four years of marriage.

In 2019, the country singer took to social media to announce her marriage to Brendan McLoughlin, a former New York City Police Department officer. The couple first crossed paths in 2018 in New York City, where she performed with her band, the Pistol Annies.

8. She created her own animal foundation. 

Lambert started volunteering at animal shelters when she was just a teenager. In 2009, Lambert’s love for dogs motivated her to launch the MuttNation, a foundation that helps support shelter pets in various ways. This includes providing financial support to animal shelters across America. 

9. She owns a 1955 Chevy Pickup truck. 

In true country girl fashion, Lambert is keeping her candy apple red 1955 Chevy Pickup truck she has had since she was 17. The truck was named after country singer Tammy Wynette, as it was the cassette tape in the player when she got it.

10. She collects salt and pepper shakers. 

Lambert has developed a unique love for certain items, especially vintage things. The singer even revealed that she has a growing collection of salt and pepper shakers, “about 50 sets right now, and it’s getting out of control,” she said. Her favorite is a ’55 Chevy with an Airstream that she received from a fan.

11. She also ventured into business. 

Lambert has opened a shopping lifestyle boutique in Lindale, Texas, called The Pink Pistol. The very unique store personifies the singer’s personality and her creativity. It is also home to Lambert’s new line, Idyllwind, which sells clothing, boots, and accessories.

And if you’re in search of a good drink, you can check out Lambert’s signature wine line, Red 55 Winery.

Well, knowing these facts about Miranda Lambert truly made us love her even more. 


Miranda Lambert

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