July 19

Nicole Kidman Praises Keith Urban for Being Understanding on Her Daring Scenes

If you haven’t seen Little Big Lies (an HBO Show) yet, then go check it out. It stars Keith Urban‘s wife, Nicole Kidman alongside other award-winning actresses like Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern.

The show depicts all sorts of situations that women face today. Kidman’s character portrays a woman who is experiencing abuse from her husband. The couple usually has intense lovemaking that turns into physical violence. What does Keith Urban really think about the sexy scenes of his wife?

keith urban, nicole
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Keith Urban Supports his Wife

Nicole Kidman praises her husband for being supportive of her career. The two have been together for how many years now and they have shown tremendous support from each other. When asked about her husband, she said:

“He’s unbelievably supportive and watches all the episodes and cheers on from the sidelines which, I have to say, if I didn’t have that I wouldn’t be able to do it, I seriously wouldn’t.”

The country singer understands the nature of their work and he never really complained about it. There were even some scenes where Nicole Kidman’s character showed a lot of skin and was intimate with her on-screen partner, Alexander Skarsgard.

keith urban, nicole
via Nicole Kidman’s official Facebook page

An Extra-ordinary Husband

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are lucky to have found each other. They are both at the height of their careers now because they don’t hold each other back. This is more true with Nicole as she is grateful that he still lets her do daring roles.

keith urban, nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise
Photo Credits: Keith Urban/Official Facebook Home Page

Even at the age of 51, the actress is still looking beautiful. She even managed to be on the cover of the Vanity Fair for May 2019 issue. Kidman admits that her husband is an extraordinary person and a wonderful father to their kids.

Watch this adorable interview between Nicole and Keith Urban:

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