December 5

Taylor Swift’s 10-Minute Version of “All Too Well” Was Well Worth The 9-Year Wait

Taylor Swift released her re-recording of Red, and for the first time ever, she finally gave fans the mythical ten-minute original version of “All Too Well” they’ve been coveting for years.

The star recently shared the process of going back to what she calls her and her fans’ favorite song from the release – which is actually a part of her continuing effort to re-record her entire Big Machine Records catalog.

What Started As An Adlib Turned Out To Be A Fan Favorite

Taylor Swift noted that it all started with an ad-libbing session during one of her band rehearsals for Speak Now Tour. She was only 21 then, “was really upset and sad,” and was going through, “you know, the stuff that I had sung about,” she said. So, she sat down, picked up her guitar, and began playing the same four chords – and while she’s doing it over and over again, its intensity kept building up as well.

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Luckily, the singer’s sound guy was able to record the ten-minute version of “All Too Well.” But it was a shame it was cut down for the release of Red in 2012, where she had to remove seven extra verses. Regardless, the strikingly vulnerable piece of songcraft became one of her most acclaimed songs.

And The Cinematic Storytelling Is Finally Brought To The Screen 

Taylor Swift did not only give fans that never-been-heard-before “All Too Well,” but she’s also created an entire cinematic universe around it.

Titled All Too Well: The Short Film, it stars Dylan O’Brien, Sadie Sink, and Swift herself, who also wrote and directed the movie. And like any piece of content that the singer puts into the world, there are easter eggs sprinkled throughout the almost 15-minute film. Eagle-eyed fans were quick enough to spot them all.

You can watch the gorgeous short film for “All Too Well” in the video below. But consider yourself warned as it certainly induces waterworks.


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