March 9

Ernest Sings ‘Somebody’s Problem’ As Loud Support for Wallen

Ernest showed his big, loud support for Morgan Wallen with a performance of ‘Somebody’s Problem,’ a song in his label mate’s historic, chart-topping album Dangerous: The Double Album. He performed the song in a recent concert, Raised Loudy: Rowdy On The Row, a collaboration concert by Big Loud and Raised Rowdy last February 28 at Live Oak Music Row Nashville. 

It was a fan-favorite track co-written by Morgan Wallen with Ernest, Rodney Clawson, and Jacob Durrett. Ernest shared a clip of him singing the song last March 4 on Instagram, which garnered so much love online for the two country music artists. Fans were very excited with the support that Ernest gave Wallen with positive comments on how good the performance was and how it felt like Morgan Wallen was there in spirit. Some even called for Wallen, Ernest, and HARDY to form a band.  

In a recent report by BillboardDangerous: The Double Album is now on its eighth consecutive week as number 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. It is now one of the only six country albums with eight weeks in total and currently the only country set to spend its first eight weeks at the top spot. This historical chart success made Wallen the best-selling artist so far in 2021. 

The album also continues to move up the list of country albums, spending the most weeks at No.1 on the Billboard 200. As of now, Garth Brooks Ropin’ the Wind still rules with 18 weeks. 

The concert was hosted by Raised Rowdy founder Nick Tressler. Artists featured in the concert were Ernest, HARDY, Ashland Craft, John Byron, Sean Stemaly, Lily Rose, Craig Wiseman, Mackenzie Porter, Rocky Block, Jake Worthington, and Tiera. The show was a one-night-only concert. 


ERNEST, Morgan Wallen

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