March 25

Be Captivated by Honky Tonk Moon thru Randy Travis

One of the greatest hit songs of Randy Travis known as the “New Traditionalist” that became number one on The Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in 1988 was Honky Tonk Moon.

History and All

Way back June 1988, a writer named Dennis O’Rourke wrote a song entitled Honky Tonk Moon, and it was recorded by an American country music artist named Randy Traywick best known as Randy Travis. The song became the lead off single from the album Old 8×10 by Travis, and it entered the number one spot on the Billboard for a period of time. Moreover, Travis became known as the one who opened the door for many young artists who sought to return to the traditional sound of country music. He was credited with influencing the future country stars such as Garth Brooks, Clint Black, and Travis Tritt.

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Feedback on Travis’ Honky Tonk Moon

Are you curious why this song became popular?

As you listen to this song, you will be amazed by how Randy Travis delivered it in such a way that you can also imagine yourself in a honky-tonk or an establishment where its patrons’ form of entertainment was thru country music. His amazing rendition of the song captivated enough listeners to render its spot on the Billboard as a number one song among other songs during that time.

You can listen to the song without feeling bored since the rhythm and melody will leave a great impression on the people especially those who love the honky-tonk genre of country music. As a first time listener to this kind of music, be impressed by how Travis recorded it in his deep and wonderful voice that captivated millions of listeners of honky-tonk country music worldwide. His talent will inspire you and make you a fan of country music. Are you one of us?

country music legend: randy travis sings honky tonk moon
Randy Travis-a country music legend


Randy Travis

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