July 8

Carrie Underwood’s Filled with Gratitude in “Thank God for Hometowns”

Carrie Underwood never really thought that she would cover this song, but something changed her mind. That is because of her love for her hometown.

I mean, who does not want to go back to their hometown? This is the place where you grew up and where you feel comfortable with the people around you. Everything seems so welcoming in your hometown that sometimes you just wish that you could stay there forever.

In this track, we will look at the story behind the song and why we should be thankful to God for the comforts that He has given us.

carrie underwood, hometown
Photo credit: Carrie Underwood/Official Facebook Page

Carrie Underwood Realizes Something

In an interview, Carrie Underwood admitted that she grew up not liking anything in her hometown. She got bored so easily and she felt trapped in the place where she grew up. When she first heard the song, she was hesitant since the narrative of the track is a bit different from what she feels.

She then realized that there was something special about the song. She remembered her hometown, Checotah. When she heard the song, all of her happy memories about the place came rushing in. She was then thankful to God that her hometown is always there for her to come back to.

carrie underwood, hometown
Photo Credits: www.allure.com

Lyrics Breakdown

And when you’re lost out in this crazy world
You got somewhere to go and get found
Thank God for hometowns

We surely need to thank God that we have a place to go back to when we are tired and we want a fresh start. This is something that only a serene place like our hometown can offer. We can get away from the traffic, the smoke in the air, and the fast-paced life that the city offers.

In our hometown, we can always bump into people that we genuinely know and that always puts a smile on our faces. I don’t know about you, but my hometown will always be my home.

Listen to the Carrie Underwood track here:


Carrie Underwood

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