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Glen Campbell Museum Will Be Moving To A Brand-New Location

The official social media account of the Glen Campbell Museum announced on Monday (July 24) that the museum will be relocating. The post said that most of Campbell’s memorabilia, exhibits, and personal items will be moved into its new location.

The Glen Campbell Museum spent its last day at its location on the highly-trafficked corner of 111 Broadway, Suite 200 in Nashville, Tennessee, last August 6, 2023. 

While they admit that leaving their primary location is pretty sad, the statement said they are “looking forward to the opportunities that the new location will bring to Glen Campbell fans everywhere.” At the same time, the museum is determined to ensure that Campbell’s incredible legacy and exceptional impact on the world of music will forever be honored and remembered.

“This isn’t an ‘Adios’ it’s a move to ‘A Better Place,’” the statement concluded, referring to two of Glen Campbell’s songs

In Celebration of Glen Campbell’s Legacy

The Glen Campbell Museum and Rhinestone Stage opened their doors at its former location in early 2020. It’s comprised of 4,000 square feet of instruments and awards. 

It also included mementos that celebrate the late country legend, such as awards, plaques, and surprising items like handwritten letters from the four Presidents of the United States who became the singer’s friends. There’s even the laptop he used as a lyric teleprompter during his final tours while battling Alzheimer’s disease.

You’ll also find some of Campbell’s most iconic outfits in the museum, such as the replica of the famous suit he wore on the cover of his album Rhinestone Cowboy.

What’s even more special are the live music performances at night from local and national artists. The museum continues Campbell’s desire to inspire countless musicians and entertain lifelong fans. 

Well, tune in and be updated with Glen Campbell Museum’s new location, which has not yet been announced. 


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