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Ten of the Best Bobbie Gentry Songs You Should MUST Listen To

Bobbie Gentry Songs
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Bobbie Gentry, the revolutionary country singer, has delivered several chart-topping songs since her debut in 1967 under Capital Records. 

Gentry was raised by her grandparents in Chickasaw County, Mississippi, who have persistently supported her ambition of becoming a singer. Gentry has shown talent at a young age, writing her first song, “My Dog Sergeant Is A Good Dog,” at the age of seven. 

Years passed, and by 1967, Gentry’s life had turned for the better when she recorded her debut song, “Ode to Billie Joe,” which peaked at number one on the “Billboard Hot 100” and number thirteen on the “UK Top 40.” 

Since then, Gentry has been transforming the music industry with her song compositions like “Okolona River Bottom Band” and “I’ll Never Fall In Love Again.” 

So, if you are looking for fresh new country songs to listen to, scroll down as we have ten of the best Bobbie Gentry songs you should add to your playlist. 

1. Ode To Billie Joe

Bobbie Gentry’s debut song “Ode To Billie Joe” ranks first on our list as the most mysterious and ear-catching tune ever. With Gentry’s silky voice inviting listeners into an exotic and dark realm, it’s no surprise that “Ode To Billie Joe” debuted at number one on the “Billboard Hot 100” immediately after its release.

2. All I Have To Do Is Dream 

“All I Have To Do Is Dream” is a famous country song written by Boudleaux Bryant and first performed by the Evelyn Brothers in 1958.

Due to the song’s tremendous popularity, many musicians have produced their own versions, the most noteworthy of which being Bobbie Gentry and Glen Campbell’s duet version, released in 1969. 

Their rendition reached number six on Billboard’s Hot Country Singles Chart and number three on the UK Singles Chart.

3. Fancy

The song debuted at No. 1 on the “Canadian RPM Country Tracks” and No. 8 on the “US Adult Contemporary (Billboard) Charts” in 1969 as part of her album “Fancy.” 

It was one of Gentry’s biggest songs ever to be released since it marked her first crossover of the pop and country genres. Although the song appears to be another fictional rags-to-riches story, its meaning is far deeper than most people think. 

The song depicts the harsh realities of life, in which women relied on prostitution to escape childhood poverty. Gentry sees the song as a powerful feminist statement for all women worldwide. 

4. Let It Be Me

If you wish to believe in love again, Bobbie Gentry and Glen Campbell’s “Let It Be Me” is the perfect song for you.

The Everly Brothers first released the song in 1959. As it became one of the most popular songs to be performed by numerous artists, the two southern musicians didn’t pass up the chance to show off their musicianship. 

The song’s central message is simply to manifest the delight of discovering one’s true love, which Gentry and Campbell both performed an excellent job of depicting.

Since it became such a hit to many, Campbell and Gentry’s version of the song landed at no.1 on “Canada Top Country Singles (RPM)” and no. 7 on the “US Top 40 Easy Listening (Billboard)”. 

5. Okolona River Bottom Band 

Okolona River Bottom Band” is a song from Gentry’s second album, “The Delta Sweete,” and it talks about that one southern talent event she is used to attending. 

Gentry’s gruff voice added a touch of melancholy to the song, making it feel like something from a different time or, at the very least, a forgotten tune from one of the Band’s early albums.

If you want to hear a song that tours you to the Mississippi Delta area, this single is a must-listen.

6. He Made A Woman Out Of Me

As part of the hit album “Fancy,” “He Made A Woman Out Of Me” landed at no. 57 on the “ Canada Top Singles (RPM)” and no. 71 on the “US Hot 100 (Billboard)”. 

Although it didn’t reach the same success as “Fancy,” the song was nonetheless one of Bobbie Gentry’s phenomenal hit songs to be ever released. 

7. Mornin’ Glory

Mornin’ Glory is simply a song about the joy of waking up with their loved ones beside them. It is a song where the protagonist is not afraid to express how happy she is waking up, eager to share the morning light with her partner. 

Overall, the song highlights the joy of being there in each other’s lives and cherishing those quiet moments spent at the start of each day.

8. Apartment 21

“Apartment 21,” which debuted in 1967, reveals a tale veiled in passion and mystery. Remarkably, many listeners were moved by this rather melancholic masterpiece’s message of hopelessness, loneliness, and desire. 

9. Louisiana Man

Originally sung by American artist Doug Kershaw in 1961, Gentry released her version in 1968 as part of her album “The Delta Sweete.” 

The song simply reflects the struggles and hardships one must endure in this world filled with joy, sorrow, and never-ending challenges.

10. Chickasaw Country Child

Last but not least, “Chickasaw County Child” is one of the most expensive and sophisticatedly deep songs Gentry has ever released in her career. Her artistry in her craft has been greatly emphasized in this song, as she reveals her deepest emotions through the words of her lyrics. 

That being said, Bobbie Gentry’s songs are indeed a whole package. Everybody will enjoy whatever Gentry offers regardless of their musical tastes because she will always have a song that will appeal to anyone. 

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