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Viral Video Of A Father Gaining Unusual Fans With His Sax


A recent video uploaded on twitter has been taking the internet by storm; the viral video features a father performing in front of unexpected fans.

viral video
Screengrab of Rick Herrmann playing his saxophone.

Erin Herrmann uploaded on her twitter page last June 29, 2019 a video of her father on their fields in McMinnville, Oregon.

Her father, Rick Herrmann has been studying how to play the saxophone for around seven months at this point; it shows as at the end of the video the amateur saxophonist has gathered quite a large ‘fanbase’.

By the end of the viral video Rick has successfully gathered his herd of cows. The video has been shared and viewed a million times since it was uploaded on twitter. At the end of the clip, Rick Herrmann has properly herded his seemingly awestruck bovines.

viral video
Screengrab of Rick Herrmann’s ‘fans’ gathering after playing his piece.

The viral video features the father performing two songs. The first is a cover of the song “Isn’t She Lovely?” by the great Stevie Wonder then followed by his rendition of “Careless Whisper” by George Michaels.

viral video
Image taken from Stevie Wonder’s official Facebook page

Not One But Two Viral Videos

The first viral video was already a smash and properly showcased the father’s talent with the saxophone, but we were blessed with yet another performance by him with the same crowd gathering to watch.

The video was uploaded on the same day, this time with unexpected participation from his neighbor. The second video has accumulated around 1.2 million views and growing.

In this video the Rick performs the much known melody of “Tequila” with one of his neighbor adding to the performance at the end from a nearby field.

Collectively both videos have now gathered over 12 million views and is still growing in numbers. In an interview with KPTV Rick Herrmann states that he was shocked at the way his “goofy” performance was immediately accepted by the internet. He goes on to say that he is happy that a lot of people are enjoying the video and his musical tomfooleries.

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