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Dina Eastwood: What Happened After Divorce From Clint Eastwood

Dina Eastwood: What Happened After Divorce From Clint Eastwood

Some things are definitely just aren’t meant to be. After seventeen years of marriage, Clint Eastwood and Dina Eastwood have called it quits. 

The separation was announced in the late summer of 2013, and by then, the couple had gone their separate ways months prior to that. Dina – Clint Eastwood‘s second wife – filed for legal separation on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. She asked for full physical custody of their daughter, Morgan, who was only sixteen at that time. She also requested for spousal support, though the filing also stated that Dina and the Million Dollar Baby director have a prenuptial agreement.

However, Dina’s legal separation filing was quickly withdrawn two days later. But after reconsidering her options, she moved forward with ending her marriage to Clint once again. A Monterey County Superior Court judge finalized the divorce in 2014.

What Could Have Happened?

Dina and Clint Eastwood married in March 1996. They met when Dina, a former news anchor, interviewed the much older Hollywood actor-director. They have since settled down in Carmel, California, where Clint had mayoral tenure.

They have one daughter together, Morgan Eastwood. However, Clint is also a father to eight other kids from five different relationships. Clint Eastwood’s children include double-bass player Kyle and actress-director Alison Eastwood from his first marriage with Maggie Johnson.

For years, Dina and Clint lived far from Hollywood’s glare. But things took a dramatic turn when Dina began filming the 2012 reality show Mrs. Eastwood and Company. The reality series focused on Dina and her attempts to turn a six-man vocal group Overtone into a major band. It also followed her family life, with her daughter Morgan and stepdaughter Francesca Eastwood joining the show.

Clint, who prides himself upon privacy, was also an occasional guest star. However, every time he appeared, he seemed uncomfortable with cameras bobbing around him. He totally vanished in the later episodes.

According to several sources, the actor was furious about the show and was unhappy about exposing his family on the small screen – adding that it was when the marriage started to suffer.

True enough, Dina and Clint’s marriage started falling apart while the show was still in the middle of its first airing. Clint was spotted without his wedding ring anymore, and while the couple was still living at the family house in Carmel, sources said they were staying in separate rooms.

Meanwhile, Dina also often complained about her life and even cried several times on the show. 

And Things Just Got Bizarre

By the end of 2012, Dina found a shoulder to lean on through a friend from her high school days in Fremont, California – and it was Scott Fisher, who enjoyed a Hall of Fame career in the National Basketball League.

Like Dina, Fisher’s decade-long marriage to photographer Erica Tomlinson-Fisher was also crumbling, with the two finalizing their divorce. 

And that’s when things just got bizarre! 

After Scott and Erica divorced, Erica was sure her then-husband was seeing Dina and were more than just friends. So, Erica called Clint to discuss the matter. But in an interesting twist of event, love sparked for the two, and was already dating a few months later.

Dina learned about Clint’s relationship with Erica and was in total shock. She even checked herself into rehab at a facility in Arizona for problems with depression and anxiety.

In the months that followed, Dina’s friendship with Scott grew deeper. And the two old friends eventually started seeing each other romantically. After all, who else could understand Dina’s pain and shock other than Scott?

Going Back To Her Roots

After spending many years enjoying Hollywood life, Dina returned to her previous job as a news anchor at KSBW, the California local news station she worked at in the early 1990s. Dina had gone back anchoring the network’s Monday 5 p.m. broadcast with Dan Green, a position she held from 1991 to 1996. 

The longtime KSBW anchor and reporter officially retired from the station in 1997 to spend more time with her family. But despite her retirement, she still made a number of appearances on Action News and at KSBW Share Your Holiday events.

Finding Happy Ever After the Second Time Around

Finally, the dust has settled! 

In 2016, Dina Eastwood married Scott Fisher at the Bacara Resort and Spa in Santa Barbara. On an Instagram post, Dina posted a photo of herself and Scott, both wearing white and smiling into the camera.

The couple’s two loveable pugs also joined the joyful event, with the other one serving as the maid of honor. 

She’s been pretty busy too! While she and Scott have settled at their Pebble Beach home, she’s still always on the move, working or learning something new! She’s pursued a master’s degree in creative writing at San Jose State University. Her thesis was a memoir that explored the phases of her life and the changing roles she’s taken on board. 

Nowadays, she’s spending most of her time teaching yoga to kids as a volunteer at the Seaside Boys and Girls Club and taking care of her six dogs.

Though Dina revealed she has not spoken to Clint for years, Clint Eastwood’s ex-wife has nothing but kind words to the actor, calling him “the sweetest guy” she has ever met. “He is a loving, kind, low-key person, so my intuition was still great on marrying a good person,” she said.