February 17

A Love Story That Started On One Summer Day with Luke Bryan’s song “Waves”

Falling in love has never gotten warmer with “Waves” by Luke Bryan. It became an instant hit in the summer. The song was recorded by American Country Singer and former American Idol judge, Luke Bryan. He would, later on, perform the song on American idol.

“Waves” was written by Chase Mcgill, Zach Crowell, and Ryan Hurd. The first time Luke heard it, he claimed he instantly fell in love with the song, and it became a part of the deluxe edition version of his album “Born Here Live Here Die Here.” It had a music video directed by Dano Cerny, filmed on a beautiful beach in Malibu, California.

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“Waves” is a song that portrays the love of the two protagonists in the music video as their feelings for each other develop. The song illustrates romance that started on the beach, surrounded by the ocean, waves, and sand. It is indeed a song that makes the listener feel the summer ambiance.

Meaning Behind the song

“Waves” by Luke Bryan is a story about two people whose love started one summer day as it pans to the current timeline where they’ve grown old together. The lyrics talk about how much passion and love he feels for his partner, about him wanting to do everything to her in a physical manner.

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It is centered around the roots of their relationship, which seems to start with infatuation or puppy love, given that Luke Bryan claims that the song’s inspiration is about kids finding love in the summer season. It portrays the amount of passion two people can have together as their love starts to grow as time passes. The title is a wordplay on how hard they are falling for each other as their relationship develops, which is their love hits them like waves.

Listen to Luke Bryan’s song below.


Luke Bryan

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