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Atkins Was “Caught Up In The Country” and Returns with A New Single

Atkins Was "Caught Up In The Country" and Returns with A New Single 1

Haven’t heard about Rodney Atkins for a long time? As far as I can remember, his last released album was Take a Back Road, way back 2011Hmmm, quite a long time, isn’t it?

Here’s a good news! Rodney Atkins has been “Caught Up In The Country” and is returning with a brand new single. The country star’s latest track will be the lead single from his forthcoming fifth studio album. Atkins’ “Caught Up In The Country” features the Fisk Jubilee Singers who bring tremendous vocals and a booming beat to the song. The song was recently released on March 23.

Atkins says it was routine to wake up at 4:30 AM each day and start working, taking a much more hands-on approach with this album than ever before.

An anthem about Atkins’ connection to the outdoors, “Caught Up in the Country” has a much slicker production than previous releases “Watching You” or “It’s America.” It’s a more modern ‘anything goes’ style of production that Atkins appears proud of and feels is necessary to move forward as an artist.

Written by Mike Walker, Jordan Schmidt and Connie Harrington, “Caught Up in the Country” pushes Atkins into the next chapter of his career; a career that he says is focused on, “Where I am right now, where I’m going and not a whole lot about where I was” — which is also the theme of his new album.

Lyrically, the right now for Atkins is family life: being in love with his wife, Rose Falcon Atkins, celebrating the birth of his second son, Ryder, who was born in December 2017, and continuing to share special moments with his 16-year-old son, Eli.

Though his absence may have created a few cobwebs for country music fans, this singer was hardly forgotten. He recently landed six songs on Country Aircheck’s Top 100 Songs of Our Decade list, including his platinum smash “Watching You,” which was rated as the No. 1 most-played song of the decade.

Happy Birthday, Rodney!

On the other hand, we’ve got some really good reason to celebrate this day. It’s Rodney Atkins’ birthday!

Born on March 28, 1969, in Knoxville, Tennessee, Rodney was given up for adoption as an infant. He was taken in at the Holston Methodist Home for Children in Greeneville, Tennessee. Two couples returned him to the place because he was so sick. A third couple, Margaret and Allan Atkins, refused to give up although his ailments worsened.

Looking back at Atkin’s countrified journey

Though Atkins didn’t get his first guitar until one Christmas in high school, he took to the instrument instantly.  And soon, he went playing anywhere he could around his Cumberland Gap, Tennessee, home. While in college, Atkins used the opportunity to go into Nashville as often as he could. By the time he graduated, he was starting to make himself known as a performer in the area.

In 1997, he signed to Curb Records. He was set to release his debut shortly after. But when he didn’t like the finished results and label head, Mike Curb gave him the go-ahead to record new songs. Atkins spent the next two years working with various producers, engineers, and musicians for an album that would ultimately never see the light of day. He resurfaced, however, in 2003 with his true debut, Honesty. Three years later, If You’re Going Through Hell, which was recorded in his home studio, came out. It’s America arrived in 2009. Take a Back Road, Atkins’ fourth studio album, appeared in 2011.  The track was one of the summer’s most memorable singles and it became Atkins’ fastest-rising single to date.

And now, he is one of the celebrated stars in Country music industry. Once again, let’s clink glasses for Rodney Atkins!


Rodney Atkins

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