July 12

Florida Teen’s Bible Miraculously Survives a Fire from Car Crash

God works in mysterious ways. This has been proven by the story of a teen’s Bible from Florida that survived a fiery car crash without any burns. These kinds of stories will really make you a firm believer that the Lord is always with us, guiding us, and protecting us.

bible, car crash

The Bible Survives the Crash

It was a normal day for Joelle and her sister Sevyn Shock when their 2000 Jeep Liberty made a loud noise and had seemed to bump into something hard. Their car suddenly began smoking heavily indicating that it is going to explode any moment. Fortunately, the sisters were quick to get out of the car and immediately called for firefighters near the area.

During the crash, one of the sisters forgot about their bible in the burning car. Luckily, one of the firefighters was able to retrieve it. The sisters shared that the Bible was a gift from their mother when they turned 18. Joelle and Sevyn were completely shocked when they got their Bible and it was completely unharmed. Joelle shared:

“It was clean, there was no plastic melted pieces on it. It was just crazy because through the water and the fire, the Bible was completely dry and spared.”

bible, car crash
The Unscathed Bible Photo: Courtesy of Julia Sutherland

God is Watching Over Us

The sisters shared their sentiments over what happened. They know that something miraculous happened that day and the fact that they were safe and their Bible survived is something they are grateful for. Stories like these always remind us of the power of believing in God.

The sisters also believe that it was God’s way of reminding them to never forget their Christian upbringing. They were supposed to take another route but they did not. Instead, they took a route that was near the firefighters’ station and this really helped their situation.

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