September 12

Scotty McCreery Prefers to Go Old School After 176 days of Inactivity

It’s been 176 days since we last heard of Scotty McCreery, and his return is nothing out of the ordinary. No holds barred because he’s going to get you real hard in a real stage.

Not Built for Virtual Concerts

Physical gatherings are scarce ever since the pandemic popped out of nowhere, and for some artists, singing songs to your fans online and interacting with them virtually is something they have adapted. But what beats interaction is old school interaction. And by old school, we meant physically. After a recent interview with the guy, he openly admitted that he is made solely for it.

Remember Scotty McCreery‘s last live show on March 12 in Greensboro, NC? And how he disappeared in thin air after that? Unfortunately, COVID-19 has taken a toll on him physically and professionally, so he looked for the best time to pop up in style on September 4 at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium. The show may be physical but, he did not take the safety precautions for granted. Ryman Auditorium typically houses 2,300 people but for him, 125 fans are more than enough to boost his morale.

McCreery explained that the chest-pounding and all the energy is something that he longs for in his performance, and he finds no one to amp his drive to perform better than his fans.

It only felt like yesterday, he added, and his backing band typically felt their blood pumping too. Time flies by quick when onstage, and his unsettling excitement to play after six months definitely made him feel that his performance lasted only for 10 minutes despite them playing for an hour and a half.

Quality Over Quantity

If Scotty McCreery were to describe the show, what he appreciates most is its uniqueness. But the interaction, the eye contact that penetrates to his innermost emotions that came from a small number of crowds is incomparable to those thousands who watch online.

For Scotty McCreery, it’s all about aesthetics, and this is how he defines country music. The attention he might get is significantly smaller, but for him, quality is better than quantity.

Ryman Auditorium, on the other hand, served as a blueprint for his upcoming tours. Scotty McCreery will never go back online ever again. He’ll have to wait for further health measures to come through, but his plans start early 2021 in Riverwind Casino in Norman bound for January 22.


Scotty McCreery

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