September 22

Joey Hendricks Breaks Through in Country Music’s Circle

Joey Hendricks might just be one of the new young artists in town but he has definitely caught the attention of not a few music enthusiasts. He’s now confidently stepping into the spotlight knowing that he still has a lot of things to offer.

Joey Hendricks’ Washington Beginnings

Joey Hendricks was not raised from a family of musically inclined people. In fact, both of his parents were neither singers nor musicians. Fortunately, Hendricks had a neighbor who performed as a singer and he would watch her all day. His dad happens to be a fan of Rock N’ Roll which later influenced him.

But it was not until his freshman and sophomore year that Hendricks taught himself how to play the guitar. He made good use of the book that his father bought him. As he started to love playing the guitar and songs, Hendricks eventually fell in love with the storytelling of the songs of some country greats like Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash. He became their big fan and they stood as the young singer’s foundations in country music writing.

Now to the Music City

In 2017, Hendricks decided to take his talents into the music city. His move in 2017 would turn out as a career turn around as he was offered an on-the-spot contract by Parallel Entertainment. Hendricks’ name as a songwriter quickly made a quick ascent in the ranks amongst his fellow Nashville songwriters. Recently, Hendricks saw that he has more to offer and decided to branch out as an artist.

This year, he signed with Sony Music Nashville and released his first musical offering, “Yours or Mine.” His new single featured his collaboration with Daniel Ross and Michael Whitworth who co-wrote with Hendricks. The single was centered around the theme of a new relationship’s beginning stages and how one should face it.

Hendricks’ newest single was a testament to his skills and to the commercial fan base he already has as “Yours or Mine” earned 150,000 streams on digital streaming services.

Admirers are all craving for more of Joey Hendricks’s music in the near future. Well, they have all the reason to be as Hendricks promises that his fans could expect a release of a new single every seven or eight weeks until the time he will be able to reach an EP.

This gives us many more reasons to be excited about what country music will bring in the near future.


Joey Hendricks

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