January 11

Courage and Character: Jelly Roll’s “Bottle and Mary Jane”

From his album A Beautiful Disaster, Jelly Roll sings “Bottle and Mary Jane,” with fans loving it wholeheartedly. Jelly Roll himself wrote the track along with Matthew Wallace and Stuart Stapleton.

Jelly Roll’s fourth album, A Beautiful Disaster, was released on March 2020. The album featured guest appearances from Lil Wyte, Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, and Struggle Jennings. A Beautiful Disaster debuted on the 97th spot on the US Billboard 200 chart and peaked at the 9th on the US Billboard Independent Albums chart.

Meaning Behind the Song

Jelly Roll remained true to his words when he said he writes songs according to his perspective and life experiences.

The song “Bottle and Mary Jane” by Jelly Roll speaks volumes that we each have different strategies for dealing with our problems. The piece tells how the man in the song drinks and smokes as he continues to get up and face his problems.

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The song’s first part shows how alcohol metaphorically drowns and eases the pain, yet it can still be felt despite how much alcohol the man drank. He shows that he still stands on his feet despite being beaten up. He chose to blink back the tears in his eyes and not show his pain.

Jelly Roll’s “Bottle and Mary Jane” might be a hint at the experiences he had before because of his frequent trips to and from prison, yet it is one of Jelly Roll’s songs that fans love because of the authenticity of the songwriting and, of course, Jelly Roll’s voice and rapping skills.

Check out the song and its music video below.


Jelly Roll

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