April 16

Fans Miss Faith Hill’s Intro On Sunday Night Football

Fans are still missing the country icon Faith Hill’s intro on Sunday Night Football after she bid goodbye more than eight years ago. Hill had rocked the gridiron with her sexy high heels for the longest time. 

Since 2007, the beautiful country icon has been singing “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night” as the theme song for NBC’s “Sunday Night Football.” Her stint as the opening act lasted until she decided to leave in 2013. It was notable how she turned the track “I Hate Myself for Loving You” into wailing country rock.

Carrie Underwood replaced the beloved “Sunday Night Football” star Faith Hill. Although Underwood is a great country singer, fans cannot shrug off the perfect presentation of Hill’s intro.

Throwback On The Iconic Intro

Faith Hill’s songs are always on point. Well, whatever Hill does looks so perfect that fans cannot imagine another singer replacing her. The intro she did for the weekly football television broadcast is so iconic that the viewers cannot move on even to this day.

Moreover, NBC is quite enamored with the famous country star’s musical tone, style, and tenor that it feels like only she can pull off. Of course, the intro’s new singer is impressive too, but Hill is irreplaceable for her fans.

Fans Reaction From Then To Now

Almost everyone went into panic mode when Faith Hill announced on Twitter her departure from the famous television broadcast. People made their own speculations about why and were scared of the unknown for the next NBC’s “Sunday Night Football.” The viewers liked Carrie Underwood as the replacement, but they still reminisce on the time Hill was the singer for the broadcast’s intro.

One fan commented how Faith Hill’s version is ten times better than the current song. They are many netizens commenting on her NBC intro, wishing she’s still the one singing it. Another fan even compared Hill and Underwood, saying that the former version’s made you ready to watch football while the latter made you ready to bake or cook something.

All in all, Faith Hill’s intro for NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” broadcast is genuinely missed by viewers today.


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