January 12

Jelly Roll’s “Save Me”: A Heart-Wrenching Hit about Addiction

A song that resonates with many people will always be a hit. That is precisely what happened with the song ‘Save Me,’ by American Rapper Jelly Roll. It was released as a single on Jelly Roll’s 2020 album Self Medicated. Jelly Roll has worked with various musicians, including Struggle Jennings, Lil Wyte, and Ryan Upchurch.

Even though no official news of the song was released stating it could hit the charts, many listeners still considered it one of Jelly Roll’s finest songs. And what prompted them to say this is the true meaning behind the well-crafted words in each lyric, accompanied by the appropriate melodies that improved the song.

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As a result, we shall delve further into the song’s meaning. And find out why it’s making everyone call for help.

Meaning Behind the Song

Each of us has our interpretation of the song. However, by reading the title, we may understand what the song is about. To summarize, the title Save Me is a plea for aid from Jelly Roll, who is addicted to booze and narcotics. And, like most addicts out there, he feels powerless and hopeless in coping with his addiction. External assistance in the form of love and support is essential.

The lyrics speak for themselves. This song is about a person who is depressed and spending their life with no interest or meaning. So, every morning, this individual wakes up gloomy and indifferent until he meets someone who makes him love and respect life.

That’s why the Jelly Roll song “Save Me” should be part of your daily playlist if you’re as helpless and broken as the narrator in the song. You can listen to it below.


Jelly Roll

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