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30 Country Rap Artist

The 30 Country Rap Artists You Should Listen to Right Now!

Country rap is growing, and so is the number of artists in the genre. We've compiled a list of the 30 country rap artists we think are the most notable in the industry.

Ryan Upchurch Details New Rap Album ‘Mud To Gold,’ Releases Track List

Upchurch Releases “Mud To Gold” Tracklist, Teases Fans with Self-Leaked Song

The official tracklist of Ryan Upchurch's “Mud To Gold” was finally revealed, and it includes three song collaborations with fellow American rappers.

Get To Know Ryan Upchurch – The Artist Who Created a New Country Sound

Ryan Upchurch grew a following from his humorous character and creative antics on videos posted on his YouTube channel: Upchurch the Redneck.

Can I Get An Outlaw by Ryan Upchurch

Ryan Upchurch’s “Can I Get A Outlaw” Is In The Hot Seat Right Now. Here’s Why!

The music video for Ryan Upchurch's "Can I Get A Outlaw" received a massive backslash because of the several Confederate flags in the background.

Upchurch Calls Luke Combs 'F—ing Sissy' Over Confederate Flag Apology

Ryan Upchurch Responds to Luke Combs’ Apology and Calls Him ‘F—ing Sissy’

Luke Combs’ apology for using the confederate flag memorabilia roused a clap back from his fellow country singer Ryan Upchurch, who called him “f––ing sissy.”